Animation Services our Production Company Provides

When you hire our video production company to create your animated video we'll be right there with you during every step of the process, even if you're not in Denver.  All of the "production" services listed on this page are included in the estimates we provide for animated video projects. All of the "pre-production" services provided will be determined on a case by case basis during the discovery process. 

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Animation Pre-Production Services 

These types of animation services take place prior to the actual animation production and play a critical role in the overall outcome of your video. At our Denver production company we can help you develop the perfect video strategy and animated video to support it.

  • Animated Video Concepting 
    Let our Denver animation studio put its creative minds to work for your business or brand by developing the perfect way to visually communicate your message or value proposition using animation. 
  • Viewer Targeting
    We can help you identify the best audience to engage by helping you identify your greatest opportunities or biggest challenges and then help you produce the perfect animated explainer video tailored to that audience.  
  • Creative Concepting
    Producing an animated video is a lot of work, especially before our animators and illustrators get behind their keyboards and begin producing your creative concept. In many cases, you will already have several creative concepts in mind, we'll just help you identify which ones might work best and also contribute creative concepts of our own. 
  • Content Scripting
    In addition to the quality of the animation production, the script plays an equally important role in the overall success of your animated video and will help set the creative direction for every single scene in the video. We'll help you create, or fine tune, your script so that your animated explainer provides value to the people that view it. 
  • Storyboarding (Animatic and Static)
    We'll break your script down scene by scene so you can get a solid idea of how your animated explainer will look and flow. And once you've signed off on all of the characters and scene settings, we'll animate the storyboard to give you a clear idea on how the story flows in motion. 

Animation Production Services 

These types of animation services take place once all of the pre-production services have been offered. The animation experts at our Denver studio have the all of the skills and software to bring your animated story to life. 

  • Asset Production
    We can create the perfect characters and scenes for your animated explainer. This includes both digital and hand illustrated assets.  Together, we'll develop characters and environments that will truly bring your script to life.
  • Animation Production
    Once all of the animated video's assets have been produced and are ready for animation, we'll start bringing them to life, every single one of them. Did you know that make an animated character talk, you typically need to draw their mouth in at least 20 different positions.  
  • Narration
    We can help source the perfect voice over to put behind your animated explainer and will also make recommendations on which voices we think work best for your specific video. You'll have the opportunity to review a wide variety of voice options.
  • Background Music and Sound FX
    Music and Sound FX play an extremely important role in the video and ultimately help shape the tone of your explainer video and its pace. We can help you source the perfect music to take your animated video to the next level. 


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