Video Production Services We Provide in Denver

When you hire our Denver video company we’ll be right there with you during every step of the video production process to ensure that the video we produce for your business meets or exceeds your expectations. All of the video services listed on this page play a critical role in creating impactful videos and when you partner with our video production company to create your video content, you’ll receive all of the services listed on this page.

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Video Pre-Production Services 

These types of video production services take place prior to the live shoot and play a critical role in the overall outcome of your video.

  • Video Conceptualization
    Let our Denver production company put its creative and video marketing expertise to work for your business or brand by developing the perfect way to visually communicate your message or value proposition on camera. We'll help you craft a video concept with conversion in mind that will resonate well with your target audience.
  • Scripting & Messaging
    At our video production company we can help you craft the perfect message for delivering on camera, write the entire script, or provide guidance on what talking points best position your brand or value proposition. 
  • Story boarding
    Producing a video is a lot of work, especially before our videographers get behind, or your on-screen talent gets in front of the camera. We want to make sure we have a clear picture of what we’re trying to capture by documenting the sequence of events.  This will allow us to visualize your story before creating it an will ensure we are all on the same page. Creating a storyboard will also ensure that we capture the best possible b-roll footage to support and enhance your video from a visual perspective.
  • Set-Design & Denver Location Scouting
    Whether we're filming in a studio or on-site, we’ll want to make sure that everything looks perfect on camera and complies with your brand guidelines. If you choose to shoot your video off-site, we’ll scout the perfect location in the greater Denver area for you. For companies that commit to us for their production, we can also scout film locations throughout the entire state of Colorado.
  • On-Camera Coaching 
    Sometimes being in front of any type of camera can be intimidating, but especially a video camera. And sometimes the people you need to be on camera, don’t want to be, which the camera can easily pick-up. Fortunately, we have years of experience being both behind and in-front of the camera ourselves and have also helped numerous customers overcome these same challenges by coaching them and ultimately getting them to feel comfortable even when the camera lens is pointing directly at them.
  • Video Studio Sourcing
    At Telideo our preference is to shoot on-site because it helps create deeper connections with viewers, however, we are more than happy to film your video in a professional studio.  We've partnered with the top Denver video production studios. The studio capabilities we can source are endless and can provide complete stages, cyclorama walls and sets to accommodate any size or type of production project. 

Video Production Services 

These types of video production services take place during the video shoot.   

  • Lighting & Staging
    In order to make your video perfect, we have to make sure the set and subjects are lit appropriately using the correct lighting techniques and lighting equipment.  We can provide incandescent (tungsten), fluorescent, halogen, HMI and LED lights to create specular and diffused lighting environments, helping us establish the perfect Key, fill and back lighting.
  • Video Directing
    We use our film making and cinematography expertise to capture everything exactly how we need it to be in order to tell your story in a way that will engage and inform its viewers. Our executive producer is formally trained in film and has directed everything from television commercials to music videos to documentary films.
  • Video Recording and Capture
    In addition to having a team of skilled video production professionals and talented camera operators, we use professional grade full-frame cinematic 4K and HD camcorders, and mirrorless cameras to capture your story. We can output your video in whatever format or resolution you video project requires.   
  • Chroma Key Composting
    Whether it's a green screen, a blue screen or unwanted noise, we have the ability to customize video backgrounds and adjust items to perfect your video or add a customized background.  
  • Audio Recording
    Nothing is worse than capturing the perfect video footage and then discovering that the audio doesn't meet the same level of quality. We use only the best of the best when it comes to microphone technology. Our audio recording equipment has the capability to capture crystal clear audio in even the most challenging environments such as exhibition halls and outdoor filming situations.
  • Narration 
    If your video requires narration, we’ll not only help you write the script, we’ll find the perfect voice talent to deliver it for you. We work with different voice talent across the entire county and locally in Denver.     
  • Animation 
    Sometimes it can be difficult to visually communicate how complex technologies work with live-action, especially if those technologies are cloud-based or virtual. Fortunately, animation is a great alternative to accomplishing this. Telideo can help you create the perfect animated explainer video

Video Post-Production Services 

These types of video production services take place once we’ve completed the shoot.   


  • Video Editing
    We use professional software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier to put all of the pieces together, perfect what was captured and produce a visually stunning and engaging video. We also offer live edit sessions at our office located in Golden Triangle area near downtown Denver.
  • Audio Editing & Music
    The beauty of video is that it engages people both visually and audibly creating a much more captivating experience. We can help make your audio not only sound great, but we can also help provide the perfect background music if your video requires it. We encourage you to read our blog article on "How To Use Music In Your Video".    
  • On-Screen Text
    We can easily reinforce messages, key points, and calls-to-action with completely customized and animated on-screen text before, during and after your video. This can range from simple text to, corporate fonts and color schemes to customized motion graphics.      
  • Brand Integration
    Give us your brand guidelines and we'll create your video to your exact brand standards.  We add your logo, customize colors and fonts, and much more to make sure your video is on-brand. We highly recommend that all of our clients provide with vector images of their logos and brand identities.  
  • Staging & Delivery
    You’ll have access to your own private online staging folder on our private Wistia Staging site where we’ll host all of your videos during the post-production phase. You can use this site to see your work in progress, provide annotated feedback, and download your video in multiple formats once it’s finished.

Video Content Distribution Services 

Once your video is complete we can also help you distribute it across multiple channels online.   


  • YouTube Advertising and Positing
    If you don't already have a YouTube channel let us build one for your business so you can get your video on Google's radar.  In addition to just posting the video, we'll write a SEO optimized video title and description for your posting.
  • Custom Video Hosting
    Don't want to pay for a premium video hosting provider or embed a YouTube version of your video on your company website?  No worries, we can host your videos for you for a small fee so you don't have to invest in full blown video hosting solution.  We partner with Wistia and can offer a variety of embed types for different types of site postings as well as viewer analytics on how your video is performing. 
  • Social Media Posting
    If you've got a social media presence we can help you get your video online quickly.  In addition to getting it posted, we can also develop complete video advertising campaigns for you on the leading social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instragram.  
  • Online Video Advertising
    We can assist your in you building the perfect video advertising campaign with the leading video advertising platforms including, Google Adwords TrueView, Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn and more.