Ending Your Video with a Good Call to Action (Getting Viewers To Take Action)

Many of the video production companies in Denver understand the importance of a strong call to action at the end of the videos they produce. Therefore, they emphasize this point to their clients, yet many business owners fail to understand why this is necessary. The call to action allows a business to draw more traffic to their site, and it is also of help in tracking conversions. It does so by tracking how many visitors are viewing the video and want to know more about the brand and its offerings. For these reasons, a call to action is essential, yet it must be strong and it must show how the business differs from others in its industry.

Your Video Needs a Call to Action

Denver Video Production companies like ours continue to stress the importance of the call to action, thus more businesses are starting to take notice and use this technique to bring more awareness to their brand. In the event the video is to be hosted on another site, it is essential that the call to action direct the viewer to the website. No business wants to provide information only to have the viewer go to a competitor to make a purchase. Also make certain that the call to action provides them with the next step they should take once they arrive on the site.

When to Insert Your Call to Action

A call to action doesn’t have to come at the end of a clip either. Many of the leading video hosting providers offer the option of having an annotation pop up during the video. This annotation could recommend the viewer subscribe to the channel, watch another video, comment on the current one or any number of things. It’s all a matter of what types of videos you want to have produced and what your business wants to place an emphasis on, as this differs from company to company.

Your Call to Action Can Be Creative

It’s OK to be creative and to think outside of the box sometimes with your call to action. Don’t simply direct the viewer to a website. Why not have them enter a contest? Most Denver video marketing companies offer this option and numerous others to help incase engagement. Offer a free trial, allow them to participate in a webinar to learn more or ask a question and have them join the conversation on a social media site. The ideas are endless, thus every business can find the one that best meets their needs and fits the overall theme of the video.

Traditional companies may opt to go with a conventional call to action. This is suitable in many cases, as it best fits the image of the company. Many video production companies can provide video marketing examples with different calls to action, and are flexible in this respect, as each client can determine what fits their needs and the topic of the video being created.

About the Author

Peter Horton is a co-founder of Telideo Productions, a Denver video production and video marketing company that is 100% focused on video services.