Denver Video Production


If you’re looking for drone videography Denver then you’re in the right place! Telideo is Denver’s most reliable provider of drone aerial videography services and drone video production. Our talented team of certified FAA Drone Pilots are experienced in flying both indoors and outdoors. They have extensive experience in visually telling your story through stunning aerial videos that are just too expensive to create through other traditional means like helicopters and cable-cams. Whether for showing of a new facility or business location, a real estate ad, wedding event, holiday package, or viewing solar panels from the sky, our aim is to produce a marketing material that stands out through a truly immersive experience.

Sell Faster with Sensational Aerial Drone Videos

Drone videography is one of the fastest ways to sell your real estate listings or show of a new manufacturing plant or distribution center. By creating aerial drone videos of your property or business, our Denver video production team can make that property or business location look stunning to prospective buyers, clients and business partners.


Hiring a Video Production Company: A Buyers Guide

Did you know that video is the #1 source of information for 66% of people? We are hooked on them, and that trend is expected to only increase as time goes on.

Drone Cinematography Denver

From fast, close-up tracking of moving objects to slow-paced, sensational aerial footage, our Denver drone aerial video team can deliver the shots you need. We capture footage using the DJI Mavic 3 with a 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera, giving you the ability to film in up to 5K.

Whenever you need professionally stabilized aerial videography above a scenic location or of that glamorous wedding event or stunning new facility or location, count on our Denver drone video production company to get it done. Stun your audiences!

Drone Videography Denver

Our Aerial & Drone Videography Services

360-Degree Panorama

When you want to fully immerse your audience in your story through video, our 360-degree drone aerial video services are all you need.

A 360-degree panorama can be captured from an aerial drone or from ground level, providing a comprehensive view of a building or location. We commonly use this aerial videography technique for construction firms to document the progress of their construction project from the sky.

Drone Video Production Denver

Real Estate Aerial Videography Denver

Our commercial real estate clients and contractors benefit from the beautiful aerial videos we create. Sell your listed properties faster and at higher prices through a sensational real estate drone video that gets buyers craving the property.

Indoor Drone Flying

Unleash the full potential of indoor videography with our cutting-edge drone services.

Of course, capturing smooth, bird’s-eye views inside buildings is a complex task that demands a skilled team of Denver Certified Drone Operators. That’s exactly what we offer—a team of experienced professionals who have mastered the art of indoor drone videography, executing flawlessly in a wide range of environments, from car dealerships and warehouses to factories, retail stores, religious centers, shipping centers, and even golf courses.
Trust us to deliver stunning, professional-grade aerial videography results that will blow your audience away!

Drone Time-Lapse Videography

Experience the awe-inspiring power of Denver drone time-lapse videography with our specialized services, designed to help our marketing and event clients make a lasting impression. Imagine soaring through the skies, capturing breathtaking time-lapse and hyper lapse shots that span across day and night scenes.

With DJI’s cutting-edge drone technology and Telideo’s unique workflow, we’ve elevated time-lapse videography to a whole new level, making it possible to capture stunning footage without the need for a conventional tripod.

Our Denver Drone Video Production Process

  • Tell us about your project, property or event.
  • After confirming your requirements, we will schedule an on-site visit to view your location to establish a shot list of items to be captured using the drone.
  • Next, we’ll confirm the shoot date and seek approval to fly from the FAA at the desired location and time of filming.
  • Then the magic happens. We will send out FAA Certified Drone Pilot to your location to capture the footage for your video project.
  • Lastly, we edit and put the pieces together to produce a stellar drone video that induces strong, emotional responses from your audience.

Get ready to take your marketing and event videos to new heights with our world-class drone aerial videography services in Denver.