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Denver Video Marketing SEO Benefits

Using Video To Increase Organic SEO in Denver

We’re willing to bet you’ve watched a video or an animated video online at some point in your life. We’re not talking about viral videos involving cats or crazy stunts, but Denver SEO Video Marketing Benefits related to your work or job. Let’s face it, people love video, and you know who else does? Your customers, online prospects, and leading search engines. Why? Because video creates deeper engagement over text and photographs, and search engines are all about creating positive and relevant online experiences for their users. When you enhance your website’s relevancy with video content you’re ultimately giving search engines a reason to rank your site higher when people are actively searching for what you have to offer. 

In fact, many of the leading search engines out there such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo give preference to websites that incorporate video on their site. Companies that post videos to their corporate websites can greatly increase their Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) scores, both locally in the Denver metro area and nationally outside of Colorado. As a result, businesses that use video and animated content also enjoy additional benefits such as increased website traffic and higher conversion rates. Both of which contribute to increasing digital marketing & ROI. Check out this article about Hiring a Video Production Company: A Buyer’s Guide

SEO Video Marketing Denver

How Video Benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Adds Rich Media
  • Improves UX
  • Creates Back Links
  • Increases Session Time
  • Drives Site Traffic
  • Reduces Bounce Rates
  • Increases Page Conversions
  • Generates Rich Results
  • And More…


Adding SEO video marketing to your website is great, but it’s important to not overlook the basic video optimization tactics outlined below.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO

  1. File name and video title – Be sure to add a keyword-rich title to your video as it appears both as a file and as a searchable key phrase on popular video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t overdo it and be sure to still convey what the video will offer its viewers. Often times marketers will post their videos using only the brand name in the title.  Unless your a well known brand that people are actually searching for on video platforms we don’t recommend this. We do recommend including it in the title when appropriate.  
  2. Video description and tags – As basic as it may sound, adding a meaningful description and relative tags to a video is often overlooked when people upload their content. Don’t forget to include a link back to your website and if you’re embedding the video on your own site or on a landing page as part of a video marketing campaign, be sure to also add a brief description and an <H> tag with video title to your webpage.
  3. Transcripts and captions – This is something that is almost always overlooked by video content creators which is why we include it in our video production process. Providing professional transcripts for your video is critical in helping people find your content.  Why? For starters, Google is all about providing the best search experience for its users and when your video has the ability to be enjoyed by everyone, including the hearing impaired, it’s seen as more accessible and engaging causing it to outrank content without transcripts. On a similar note, the text from transcripts gets indexed by Google making it easier to find online.
  4. Site links and video Sitemap – Building descriptive keyword-rich links within your own site from different pages to your video is just as important as building external links from authoritative sites. That’s right when you submit a sitemap listing your corporate videos, you’re giving Google access to all of your videos descriptive information such as title, description, and duration.  
  5. Social Media – Be sure to promote your video on social media. We recommend testing a YouTube video advertising campaign on one of the leading video ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. One of the SEO benefits of Denver video production is its ability to help build backlinks by viewers who choose to share your video with their networks. 

Video Benefits Beyond Increasing SEO Rankings

Did you know that adding video to your marketing mix can also help you convert more web traffic and enhance its brand perception?

Video SEO Examples

Below are some examples of different types of SEO videos our company has produced. View our portfolio