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Brand Perception Benefits USING VIDEO

Humanize Your Brand Perception with Video

The brand perception benefits of using video play a critical role when you’re selling a product or service that a consumer typically has to be sold on as opposed to something they would purchase on their own. There’s usually some type of human interaction that takes place during the sales process. Whether it’s on the phone, in-person at your Denver office or at a networking event, it’s often those human-to-human (H2H) touch points that will ultimately shape the perception of your brand in a consumer’s mind and determine if you get the purchase order or contract.

Brand Perception Benefits

The Big Picture

When you incorporate brand perception benefits using video into the big picture, you’ll have the power to literally “Humanize Your Brand” and create emotional bonds with online prospects that will ultimately accelerate the trust-building process.  This is all done by simply showing viewers the real people behind your products and services and the loyal customers and business partners that trust your brand. 

How to Start Building Your Brand’s Video Marketing Strategy (Key Steps to Creating Effective Videos)


Video Benefits Beyond Enhancing Branding Perception.

Did you know adding video marketing to your go-to-market strategy can help you increase organic SEO rankings and convert more web traffic?

  1. Use real people – There are usually two approaches to this and we prefer a hybrid model that allows for both, depending on the video and its intended audience. In many cases, companies will seek out an internal spokesperson that has a good camera presence to help with brand perception. This approach is great for super high-level messaging, blog post teasers, and general company or product introduction videos, but not always the best when trying to build technical credibility. The other approach is to use the individual or individuals in your company that is the knowledge experts on a given product, technology or the topic you’re trying to communicate. This is our preferred approach because it tends to be perceived as more credible, especially when producing a product-focused video. This can be challenging because some people simply don’t like to be in front of the camera which the camera can easily pick up. Fortunately, people can be coached and trained on how to best present themselves, and honestly, that unique quirkiness that frightens the person on camera actually tends to create a more genuine sense of credibility.
  2. Communicate a story – No matter what marketing medium you’re using to communicate your brand message or value proposition, you always want to tell a story that engages and informs, and us by taking advantage of brand perception benefits using video. If you’re producing a testimonial video, always introduce the customer or partner and their business first. Then jump into the benefits of your solution or service and explain how it helped your customer. This will create a frame of reference and will help the viewer better relate to the content on both a business and emotional level.
  3. Shoot on-site – We have already mentioned that viewers want to see real faces on camera so why not take it one step further and shoot on-site. Filming your video at the actual site of where you or your customers do business during the video production process can create an even deeper sense of trust. How? Because in the event that at some point in your sales process your prospect has to visit your Denver office or facility you’re setting the customer experience and perceived expectations upfront. Afraid your office won’t look good on camera? That’s fair, It’s always best to prep and stage the area where you’ll actually be shooting, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, just ask your current install base customers.
  4. Create personalized content – Putting real faces in front of the camera and shooting on-site are great for humanizing your brand, but if you want to take it one step further and really build strong relationships with your customers and partners, personalized video content is the way to go. One example of Brand Perception Benefits Using Video would be that instead of sending your partners a canned email informing them about the new quarterly marketing resources, send them a video email, with a personalized video message from their channel manager. At the very least you’ll increase your open rates just by simply adding a video and calling it out in the subject line.

How Video Helps

  • Visualizes your brand story
  • Reinforces your value proposition
  • Humanizes your brand
  • Establishes virtual trust 
  • Positions you as a leader
  • Improves your websites UX

Brand Perception Video Examples

Below are some examples of different types of website conversion videos our company has produced. View our portfolio