Generate More Business Using Video

Thanks to the explosive adoption of smartphones, advancements in internet technologies and decreasing barrier costs to acquire professional film making equipment, video marketing is now more accessible than it’s ever been. This means that small to medium size business can now enjoy all of the benefits of video and engage prospects, customers, employees and channel partners with video content just like the world's leading brands have been for years. 

Like any marketing asset, a video needs to have a plan behind it in order for it to maximize its return on investment. We like to ensure that our clients are not missing out on any potential marketing opportunity to further the reach of their video assets and increase their ROI. 

Transforming The Marketing Landscape With Video

Video has proven to be as equally effective at solving internal communication and business challenges as it has for generating leads and brand awareness outside of the organization. We tell each of our corporate video customers that it's best to think of how your company communicates internally and externally from a strategic and tactical perspective, and then figure out how video can best serve your marketing and communication needs.   


Lead Generation

  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • PPC and CPM Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Networks

Sales Enablement

  • Sales Training 
  • Technical Training
  • Partner On-Boarding
  • Channel Updates
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support

Human Resources

  • Company Updates 
  • Employee On-Boarding  
  • Operational Process Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Change Management
  • And More...

Video Marketing for On-Boarding, Training and Support

Think of how your company communicates internally across the organization to function. How it communicates externally with vendors, suppliers, partners and customers from an operational perspective and the challenges your face in these areas. To learn more about video for organizational communication please visit our blog. We can work with you to create video content to help you overcome almost any of your internal and external communication challenges such as:  

  1. Employee and partner on-boarding – Whether it’s bringing new talent on-board at your company company headquarters in Denver, or you’ve just signed up a new channel partner, either way, you’ve got a bit of work ahead of you bringing them up to speed.  The beauty of incorporating videography into your on-boarding programs is that it can automate the general, non-job specific messages about the processes and policies you’re required to deliver. This will enable the person once tasked with delivering such messages the ability to focus on more important parts of the on-boarding process which will have a direct effect on the desired outcomes of your new hire or channel partner.  

  2. Sales and technical training – Training is a critical component of any organization regardless of the sales model. It enables sales and support and plays a critical role in maintaining your brand's perceived value in the marketplace. For many companies, especially those whose distribution footprints outpace their field sales management capacity, executing a successful global in-person training program can be extremely challenging.  Fortunately, with the advancements of cloud computing and Learning Management System (LMS) technology, companies can now deliver video based on-line training programs to their stakeholders. At our Denver video production company we understand how to help companies create content that can save businesses thousands of hours in both time and resources getting employees and partners up to speed and out to market faster.   

  3. Customer and partner technical support – One of the biggest challenges facing nearly every B2B technology company, especially those with hardware based solutions, is its ability to scale its support organization at the same pace as its products are being deployed or installed. This can be especially challenging for start-ups or companies with a global install-base of customers who span multiple time zones. It’s imperative that every customer case be resolved, but often times, support engineers spend a good amount of time fielding redundant and basic incidents, limiting the amount of customers and partners they can support in a given day. One of the benefits of corporate videography, you can deliver faster support and resolve more support cases by providing step by step instructional videos to address many of your most basic and recurring support incidents. 

Popular Video Marketing Platforms 

Videois quickly becoming the preferred method of advertising on social media because it continues to lead the way for greatest ROI. As social media and mobile video advertising continues to transform the marketing landscape, Telideo is leading the way,  helping Denver businesses capitalize on these new channels for media distribution. We can create custom content for the leading video marketing platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 


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