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Maximize Your Google AdWords Marketing with Video

Suppose you’re already actively investing in Google AdWords for lead generation or brand awareness and understand the value it provides your business. In that case, it’s time to take it to the next level with a Denver video production advertising company.  Today’s consumers demand that the ads targeted towards them be quick, relevant, engaging, and useful. Anything less will simply be ignored. Additionally, with video advertisements, you have the power to deliver ads that will meet all of those demands. Telideo can produce custom video content for highly targeted YouTube advertising and remarketing campaigns. 

We also offer complete video campaign management services to navigate the complexity of running a successful video advertisement campaign. Furthermore, certified Google AdWords and social media marketing experts in Denver will work with you to identify who your target audience is, what it takes to reach them, and the bidding and placement strategies required to maximize your cost-per-view (CPV) investments.

Introduction to Google TruView

Did you know that with the Google TrueView platform you can take your investments in AdWords and video production to a completely different level?

Google AdWords and Denver Video Advertising

The Google AdWords TrueView video advertising platform is extremely flexible, offering digital marketers multiple ways of injecting their video content into YouTube and its display partners. Indeed, if you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube, you’ve already experienced a form of Denver video advertising from a viewer’s perspective. In contrast, advertising with video content on YouTube and the Google Display Network is inexpensive, as compared to traditional AdWords, and cost-effective way to generate brand awareness and engage online prospects in new and different ways.  


Examples of Our Denver Video Advertising Projects

Below are some examples of different types of video advertising campaigns our Denver video production company has produced. View our portfolio