How Video Content Helps Consumers Trust Your Brand More (Acquire New Customers Using Video)

In the age of fake news, it couldn’t be more crucial for businesses of all sizes to establish a sense of trust with their target audience. It’s so important, in fact, that over 73% of consumers consider transparency more important than price when deciding to do business with a brand. Why? They’re tired of being lied to, sold to and downright deceived when it comes to the products and services they’re interacting with.

While this might not be accurate of the products and services you or your company provide consumers with, it’s certainly the market you live in today. And, with such a saturated market in today’s digital world, it doesn’t really matter what industry you’re a part of, building consumer trust is key.

What’s So Important About Trust?

With millions of companies offering the same services and products, what most small businesses struggle with is the ability to stay relevant while connecting with their target audience. While tools like Facebook, Instagram, and even email marketing help you stay connected with your current or potential customers, there’s nothing quite like using videos in order to convey trust and build relationships.

Building this trust starts by having real, authentic conversations. This is why 52% of customers report that they’re more likely to show greater loyalty to a brand when they agree with a brand’s position on an issue. Why? They trust the brand and they trust that what they’re saying, selling or sharing aligns with their personal values as well.

The Harvard Business Review states that, in order to build this trust, you’ll want to focus on crafting positive relationships, exhibiting good judgment, and being consistent in your branding, feedback, and services provided. If you’re not sure how to do this with marketing content, beginning with the right kind of storytelling is a good place to start, and what better way to tell a story to hold the modern-day attention span than by using video to do so?

Below is an example of a product confidence video that our Denver video production company produced.  The purpose of this video was to build virtual trust with prospects by showing them the shipping the process.

Engaging in Engaging Storytelling

Authentic storytelling that is representative of your brand’s beliefs allows you to connect with the true, authentic interests of your target audience. Telling audiences stories that either provide them with value or create a lasting, emotional effect have been shown to also create a lasting effect on key performance indicators (KPIs). Why is this? Consumers today don’t want to be sold to, they want to be talked to and interacted with.

If a friend you have is constantly talking to you about things that interest you, that are of value to you, you’re more likely to engage with them than with a friend who only tries to tell you how great they are all the time, right? It’s the same with storytelling and digital media in the present-day marketing landscape. People are smart and incredibly emotionally intelligent; treat them as such.

Finding your voice and crafting quality stories around that will help you show off the human quality your brand possesses, and that will help distinguish you from the millions of other brands who are simply bots trying to sell, sell, sell.

Visual Cues Enhance Emotional Connections

When you’re finally able to understand the true value of storytelling in regards to digital marketing, your next step lies in understanding the value of visual cues. If 2019 is a year for realizing just how profound and powerful our minds are, then video marketing is the perfect method in which to show people just how deep they are.

Consumers in 2019 are looking for four things: engaging stories, emotional responses, education content, and the opportunity to engage in empathetic conversations with brands. What’s great for you, as a company looking for corporate video or video marketing agencies to work with, is that video accomplishes all of these four things.

The human element that video adds to marketing content allows consumers to easily and personally identify with your brand due to the fact that facial cues convey more information that people can more easily process and retain. Still not quite convinced? Visual cues and the ability to emotionally connect with a brand are some of the factors for why 90% of customers claim that video is useful in making a buying decision and why 64% of customers state that video influences their decision to buy.

Below is an example of a video that we produced for the Colorado State Patrol.  The purpose of this brand inspiration video was to humanize the women that serve in the patrol by showcasing them both in and out of the uniform.

The Future of Video Storytelling

Long gone are the days of simple corporate video production and explainer videos that don’t actually explain anything. 2019 is all about storytelling, and what consumers and psychology both have continued to reveal is that storytelling in the modern age is most effective when it’s digital. From the ability to easily build trust by connecting personally with your audience to the ability to build trust based on facial cues and human connections, video marketing, and video content, in general, is key in growing a business.

So, if there’s no doubt about that fact that video conveys trust, why not rush into 2019 with all that you’ve got and begin turning simple audience members into dedicated, engaged customers who not only trust your brand but believe in everything you’re doing and all that you stand for? Developing corporate video content that accomplishes that is a lot easier than you might think, especially when you partner with the right video production company to help you create your content.