Maximizing The Power of Video During Covid-19 (Coronavirus Video Marketing)

We were recently asked to participate in a webinar with one of our agency partners, Forward Vision Marketing, to discuss the topic of marketing and how to maximize the power of video during the Coronavirus pandemic. With travel restrictions in place and social distancing practices being encouraged, the business landscape we all once knew has changed significantly in just a few months.

As more and more businesses continue to transition to a remote workforce model the need for video content has become increasingly important as marketers struggle to directly engage with prospects and support existing customers.

In the webinar we will we cover the following topics:

  1. The Power of Video Marketing (A Statistical Overview of the Benefits)
  2. Different Types of Marketing Videos (Examples of Different Types of Videos)
  3. How to Create Content During Covid-19 ( Ways to Easily Create Video Content)
  4. How to Promote Your Video Content (How to Make Sure Your Video Reaches Its Audience)
  5. Questions & Answers

We encourage you to learn more about video marketing and video production by checking out our other blog posts. To learn more about Forward Vision Marketing and the marketing and communication services they provide, please visit