A Step By Step Guide To Producing Good Corporate Videos (What You Need To Know When Investing in Video)

Often times people tend to overlook the complexity of the video production process and what it takes to produce good corporate video content.  That is until they’ve worked with a reputable professional video production company and have experienced the corporate video production process firsthand. Fortunately for those who have not yet had the pleasure of working with a production company yet, we’ve created the video production infographic below to help you better understand and visualize the entire process.

You see with corporate video production you’re doing more than just telling a story, in most cases you’re trying to get your videos viewers to take an action. Whether it be to buy something, request more information or learn something, you’re creating a highly impressionable touch-point that can have long-term effects on your brands perception. As a result, it’s important that marketers have an understanding of what it takes to produce high quality video content.

Step By Step Video Production Process Guide

At our Denver video production company we take a 20 step approach to producing corporate video content. From coming up with the initial video idea to distributing the final version on the web and other targeted channels, we understand the importance each step plays in producing high-quality video content. Please visit the video production services page of our website for detailed descriptions of each of the steps listed on the video production infographic below,


Video Production Process Basics

When it comes to the video production process there are essentially three phases to it: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Each of these three phases consists of multiple steps which we’ve outlined in the video production process infographic below. The type of corporate video you decide to create and the level of production required to produce it into a viewable video will ultimately determine the complexity of each step.

  1. The Pre-Production Process
    This is essentially the planning phase of your video and will play a critical role in the overall outcome of your video. This process helps ensure your videos message is on point and on brand, your talent is prepared and your filming set is perfect. It also helps ensure a smooth video shoot.
  2. The Production Process
    This is the part of the video production process where you capture your footage. The production phase, including the quality of the cameras, lights, microphones and video equipment operators, will ultimately determine the overall quality of the footage used to produce your video.
  3. The Post-Production Process 
    Once your video shoot is finished, you’ll need to log, review, fine-tune, enhance and perfect the footage so that it can be edited into a final viewable video. The pre-production phase really does play a critical role in reducing unnecessary re-shoots and post-production editing hours.

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