Telideo Productions Featured on Clutch!

Every morning the team at Telideo Productions feels like we wake up to another viral video. We all wait for just how long it takes for the adorable child arguing with their parent or the inspiring young adult to stand up for someone else to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show or USA Today app. Our point is that video is changing the way we communicate and interact with people and for some, it is altering their lives in ways not imagined 10 years ago. But why is that? Why is it that video has more pull on us than any other form of media? In our opinion, it’s a couple of things. First, people are busy and we all love the ability to zone out for a moment. But more importantly, those viral videos are clinging to something inside us. The small child that reminds us of our own, or the young person that inspires us to do more for the world. That emotional connection is something not easily duplicated. Whether a video is making us laugh, cry, yell, or swipe our credit cards, they are making us feel because so often they are an extension of the person we are. We get that here, and when it comes to producing B2B video content, we want to be able to establish those same emotional connections as best we can.

That said, we all know that the majority of videos out there go unseen by the masses and don’t end up viral. We also get that and so we have an unending desire to know how the videos we’ve created have helped our clients. We want to know what worked and how to expand on that both from a production and go-to-market perspective. We want to know what didn’t work and how to fix that so we can continually improve. When we found out about Clutch, we felt in many ways, we had found a medium with which to help us do that. An independent research firm based in DC, Clutch conducts research and reviews of the digital industry. Whether it is our field of video production, or another such as SEO and web development – they’ve got it covered. The great thing for us is that when our clients are cool with it, Clutch calls them to discuss what went well and what didn’t. We of course always ask our clients for feedback, however, Clutch enables us to share this feedback in the public domain. This is extremely valuable because it validates our transparency with future clients.  So far they have conducted 2 reviews for us and you can see a bit of each of those interviews below.

Our client has seen a big increase in their website hits.

They’re very responsive and organized, and tell the truth and have character.

These calls are conducted by a Clutch analyst, typically take around 15-20 minutes, and are essentially a candid and in-depth conversation about the project itself, what we did, the results they saw, and what could’ve been done better. We’re happy to say that so far the clients we have had interviewed have been quite happy with our Denver video production company.

Check out our profile and Clutch generally to see all of the categories of digital marketing that they represent. We’re really looking forward to having more and more of our customers share their experiences working with us on Clutch, and to those that have, thank you for trusting Telideo with your video production service needs.