Video Production in Denver: Upping Your Ante in 2017 with Video

Virtually every industry expert sees the importance of website video content increasing in 2017. That suggests site owners need to take steps to ensure their site content reflects the needs of today’s viewers. While not everything has changed dramatically, even modest alterations in the way video is used can, and undoubtedly will, impact online marketing.

Quality vs. Quantity

In the rush to include video, site owners may make a key mistake. Yes, Google and the other search engines already understand how important video is and rank sites on their video content, but that’s led to sites including video content that’s not really appropriate. Today’s site visitors are sophisticated enough to quickly distinguish between quality video content and videos shot by amateurs. Delivering quality over quantity is a key element of professional video production in Denver.

Video Investments Will Increase

Top video trends 2017 will include investing a larger percentage of the average content marketer’s budget in video production. Some industry insiders are now suggesting site owners get away from relying as heavily on text content and move to more video content. That’s largely due to users’ rapidly shifting to handheld devices rather than larger computers for viewing sites. The trend toward using devices with smaller screens is not likely to abate any time soon, meaning viewers are likely to pay more attention to sites using videos rather than text as those sites will be far easier to see and understand.

Closing the Sale Will Involve Interactive Videos

When site owners work with a Denver area’s video production company, they’re likely to hear the trend toward using more video content will extend to closing the sale. Those smaller screens mean the ways sales are finalized will be evolving. Following a video’s instructions is far easier than reading the tiny print so often seen on handheld devices, and potential customers are more likely to see the sales process through to the end when the process is easy.

Is Your Site Ready to Take Advantage of Today’s Trends?

For many site owners, the answer is no. If your site needs updating to take advantage of 2017’s trends, it’s time to explore the options for video production in Denver. To build a site that will meet today’s shoppers’ needs, get in touch with Telideo Productions today.