What Does a Video Production Company Do? A Guide

What do Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have in common?

They each have their own production company. Yet, they aren’t the only ones. Many big Hollywood stars have production companies, as do thousands of others. But, not all film and video production companies are the same. How so?

First, you need to ask, “What does a video production company do?” Then, to learn more, keep reading!

What Is a Video Production Company?

A production company produces media. It’s a broad term to describe an organization or group of people creating various forms of media. Hence, a video production company (VPC) creates videos.

This includes:

  1. Commercials
  2. Online and social media videos
  3. Corporate videos
  4. Training videos

However, a VPC is different from a film production company (FPC). An FPC makes movies and TV shows. For example, those Hollywood stars mentioned above have FPCs. But, a VPC usually makes shorter videos for different outlets and focuses on content marketing.

Additionally, a video producer is different from a videographer. A videographer provides in-person filming. Videographers film event videos like weddings and birthdays. However, a video producer plays a much more significant role in the planning, financing, and marketing strategies.

VPCs employ videographers since they operate the camera. The job requires creative skills and the ability to follow directions. The directors and producers guide the videographer. But, the video producer is responsible for project management, logistics, and communication. They coordinate the crew members, clients, actors, and anyone else involved in the project. The video producer holds the entire project together.

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So, What Does a Video Production Company Do?

A VPC covers all production stages of the film production process, including administration. This means they plan, film, and do video editing. The approach is very hands-on for any production company.

VPCs work as a team. The production team at a VPC will help you create a good quality video within your budget for your target audience. The three most important team members in the company are the:

  • Directors (filmmakers)
  • Producers
  • Editors

Together, they collaborate during the video production process. The process is three stages. They are the pre-production, production, and post-production phases.


You need to start with a pre-production meeting (PPM) to make a good video. During the PPM, the client and VPC discuss the following:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Film locations
  • Subject
  • Intended audience
  • Distribution
  • End goals

After the meeting, the producers will do their own research to understand the client’s needs further. They do this by studying the products or services and analyzing competitors’ marketing tactics.

Telideo Productions Meeting room

Then they begin to develop content ideas. Eventually, with a selected concept, they can start storyboarding. This means planning out each shot. Storyboarding creates a guide for the entire video marketing production process. It includes planning the camera angles, video flow, and staging.

At this time, scripting also takes place. The script plans out dialogue and voiceovers from the actors. The VPC makes sure to have the right tone with the correct information.
Next, the VPC will cast the actors. The company advertises casting calls or works with talent agencies to find the right actors. Most VPCs already have partnerships with talent scouts. The VPC will also handle the actors’ hair and makeup on filming days.

They also seek out unique props and wardrobe pieces, if necessary.
Finally, the VPC chooses a filming location. Often, the VPC film videos in their studio. But this isn’t always the case. If the client wants to film off-site, they will scout and select a location with the VPC.

As the client, you always have the final say during the pre-production process when planning these details. Once you approve of all the details, the VPC will conclude its planning and logistics for the video.

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Ready, set, action! Now, the filming process can begin. When you think of the question, “What does a video production company do?” it’s most often this part people imagine.
Different VPCs have different methods, techniques, and equipment setups for filming. Depending on the length and complexity of your video, filming can take a day or several weeks.

The VPC will film the following:

  • Primary footage
  • B-roll shots
  • Interviews
  • Voiceovers

As the client, you don’t need to be on-set during filing. But, for the best final product, production companies recommend you attend. It will help to avoid needed reshoots or missing key ideas. It will also help keep the production timeline on track.

When you attend filing, you can give direct feedback if you feel something doesn’t look right or want to change the messaging.

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Last up is the editing process. The video editor plays a key role in creating the perfect final video. Editors combine, splice, and trim footage to make your video. Designers help to add other visual effects too. This may include subtitles, animations, or other graphics.

Sound mixing also happens during sound editing. Sound engineers do the following:

  • Layer audio on top of the video
  • Adjust volume levels
  • Add sound effects (foley work)

When the final product is ready, you can send it out to any platform you want for your marketing campaign. For example, it can go on TV, your website, or social media. Some VPCs will give you the final video and let you handle distribution.

Other VPCs can help you with distribution if you desire. Production companies are knowledgeable about marketing, similar to marketing agencies.

Let’s Make Some Videos

Now you know the answer to “What does a video production company do?” and are thinking about hiring a team to make videos for your organization. It’s an excellent idea to get some unique marketing content!

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