Why Video is Important for Today’s Digital Marketer ( Here’s Why You Need Video)

Digital Marketing is undergoing a massive revolution. The dynamic shift of power is taking place faster than we anticipated. In fact, a study carried out by Cisco predicts that by 2021, more than 82% of all online web traffic will be video clicks and views. Which shows that text based content is slowly being phased out by explainer videos! So what does this mean for the modern digital marketer in 2017?  Well…a lot. The playing field has changed. And we have to accept the hard truth that video marketing is the future of online advertising.

Today, we’ll be discussing 3 features that have made this type of content the cream of the crop; and why we as digital marketers need to shift our focus to this new age of advertising.

Good Video Production Can Engage Just About Anyone

Ever heard of the joke that people today have an attention span smaller than that of a goldfish?  Well, it’s pretty real. A previous study carried out by Microsoft in Canada showed that our attention span has decreased from about 12 seconds in the early 2000s, to 8 seconds in 2015! So speaking hypothetically, let’s say the drop has been linear all through. This means that consumers are losing interest in sales letters and printed collateral at a rate of 0.2 seconds a year! Videography, however, can tell an entirely different story. Online views of videos have tripled in the last 3 years alone! And that’s because moving visuals are naturally more stimulating than texts and static images. Even the most obnoxious buyer will pay attention to what you’re offering as long as you’ve got a great video to back it up.

Smart Phones Love Video and People Love Smart Phones

What’s the one thing that every person carries around? And NO…, it’s not a wallet for the guys or a purse for the ladies! It’s our phones, and they’ve basically become part of our daily lives. We talk to our family and friends using them, conduct our business and respond to emails on them, and even get the latest info on trends, events, and current news. Even with the video being so engaging, it’s important to keep in mind that people still have poor concentration spans, so it’s important that your video be concise and deliver the content of value.  So what would be the best way to get information on something we’d like to buy? You guessed right… by watching a video online. In 2016 for example, Cisco revealed that 54% of all internet traffic that contributed to clicks and views came from mobile devices. Therefore, it’s not wishful thinking to suggest that every digital marketer should be affiliated with a Denver video company in order to reach a wider audience.

Videos Boost Sales and Conversions

We’ve just illustrated for you how videos on mobile phones play a critical role in targeting your desired audience. But how do they directly lead to conversions and sales? Well, it’s all about human emotion and connection. When a lead is amused by a video, by default, they share it with their loved ones on Social Media! This enables a company or business to pick up on more leads and potential customers. In fact, a survey conducted by WordStream online advertising found that marketers using video content were able to increase their revenues 49% faster than those without one! And that’s just but one of the amazing perks you’ll get from having an awesome explainer video!

So to every marketer out there; welcome to the new age of digital marketing. Video production will be the most influential advertising technique for years to come. And we urge you to jump on the bandwagon and see greater ROI for your business!