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Our Animation Production Process

Our Proven Process for Creating Animated Content

Based on over a decade of producing animated explainer videos, the animation arm of our Denver video production company has developed an animated production process that truly differentiates us from other corporate animation studios. Whether it’s live video or animation, we treat every project with the same level of care and attention.

Pre-Production: Learn

What Differentiates Your Business

Our goal is to create an animated video that drives results. Whether it be to have someone simply watch the video and absorb the message or fill out a lead generation form, our goal is to produce content that converts. In order for us to create the best possible  animated video we can, we need to have a strong understanding of what your trying to communicate and the value it provides.  

We always start our projects with a discovery session where we’ll learn more about who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish using animated video.  During the discovery session we’ll discuss items such as: 

  • Target Viewers 
  • Buyer Personas
  • Value Propositions
  • Product Differentiator 
  • Brand Perception  
  • Marketing Channels 
  • Video Marketing Goals
  • Target Viewer Segments
  • Brand Style Guidelines

We always advise our animation clients that it’s best to think of your overall communication plan from a macro level, and then identify areas where animated video can help you best achieve your goals.

Pre-Production: Visualize

Creating Your Story

Now that we know more about your business and what drives it, we need to start thinking about how we’re going to tell your animated story and what the best way to visually communicate your message is. Adhering to your brand guidelines and perception requirements is extremely important and we incorporate it into every step of the animation production process.    

During this stage of the animation pre-production process we’ll use our content marketing expertise to work with you to develop the perfect script for your animted video. We’ll also use our creative expertise to deliver a visually impactful and engaging elements for your video. During this stage of the process we’ll create, deliver and review items such as: 

  • Creative and visual concepts 
  • Animated video script 
  • Character concept 
  • Environment concept
  • Storyboard  concept
  • Animatic storyboard

The creative or visual execution of an animated video is as equally important as the developing the videos strategy. Our animation team takes great pride in delivering animated content that is unique, high-quality and most importantly, effective and engaging.

Production: Animate

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

This is the final part of the animation production process and is also when the pre-production work pays off, and the real fun starts. We say real fun, because this is when our animators start brining your story to life.

During this stage of the production process we’ll deliver and review items such as:

  • Modeling and Rigging
  • Asset Illustration and Production
  • Animation Production
  • Video Narration
  • Music and Sound FX
  • Final Cut

It’s our goal to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the animated content we create for them.

Video Animation Examples

Below are some examples of different types of SEO video animations our company has produced. View our portfolio