what is the video production process

Our Video Production Process

Our Proven Process for Creating Video Content

Based on over a decade of producing videos, developing marketing strategies, and executing go-to-market plans, we’ve developed a video production process that truly differentiates us from other Denver video production companies. Whether it was developing the overall marketing and go-to-market strategy or producing video content in-house and with partners, we’ve always been accountable for the results generated from our creations and we extend that same level of accountability to all of our customers.

The Video Production Process
The Video Production Process

Pre-Production: Learn

What Drives Your Business

Our goal is to create an impactful video that resonates with your target audience and ultimately provokes them to take the action you’d like them to initiate. Whether it be to simply watch the video and absorb the message or complete a contact lead form. Regardless of where your target viewers stand in your sales funnel, we need to have a solid understanding of your business, the value it provides, and who your target customers and viewers are.

Before we begin any project, we always start with a business discovery session where we’ll learn more about who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish using video. During this session we’ll discuss items such as:

  • Target Customers
  • Buyer Decision Processes
  • Value Propositions
  • Brand Differentiator
  • Market Perception
  • Touch Points
  • Video Marketing Goals
  • Target Viewer Segments
  • Brand Style Guidelines

We always advise our video marketing clients that it’s best to think of your overall communication plan from a macro level, and then identify areas where video can help you best achieve your goals.

Pre-Production: Visualize

Telling Your Story

Now that we know what drives your business, we need to start thinking about how we’re going to tell your story and what’s the best way to visually communicate your message on camera and on brand. Adhering to our customer’s brand guidelines and perception requirements is extremely important and we incorporate it into every aspect of the creative process and final deliverable.

During this stage of the pre-production process, we’ll use our video marketing expertise to work with you to develop the perfect message or story. We’ll also use our creative expertise to deliver a visually impactful and engaging video. During this stage of the process, we’ll deliver and review items such as:

  • Creative and visual concepts
  • Scripts and talking points
  • Location and set-design review
  • Still, animated and live story boards
  • Onscreen graphic design
  • Brand Integration

Just like strategy, the creative or visual execution of a video is equally important. Marketing is a dynamic science and our creative team takes great pride in delivering video content that is unique, high-quality, and most importantly effective and engaging.

Video Production Pre Production

Production: Capture

Putting Your Brand in Motion

This is when the magic happens and the pre-production work pays off.  Whether on-site at your office or in a Denver video studio, we’ve got the equipment and direction to bring your storyboard to life and put your brand message in motion. Since we’re a full-service production company we’ll guide and coach you through the entire live-production process.   

During this stage of our process we will capture your story in real-time.  To prepare we’ll do items such as:

  • Staging the filming area
  • Setting the Lighting
  • Testing the Audio 
  • Perfecting Camera Shots
  • Live Filming 
  • And more…

Ensuring that your brand is represented as best as possible is extremely important to us and at our Denver marketing agency we will do everything in our power to help ensure the videos we produce reflect your brand well.

Post Production: Edit

Putting The Pieces Together

It’s during this final stage of our video production process that we assemble and perfect your video. We use industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut to put your masterpiece together. During this phase of the process, you will have access to our live staging server so you can see and review our work in the process.

During this last stage, you will participate in activities such as:

  • Footage Reviews
  • Live Edit Sessions
  • On-Screen Text Reviews
  • Motion Graphic Placements
  • Call-To-Action Planning
  • Video Audio Transcripts

For many companies with limited marketing budgets, investing in video content can be a costly initiative and difficult decision. and our Denver agency we understand that every dollar counts which is why we only deliver content to our customers once they are 100% satisfied with the final product.