Product Marketing Video Examples

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With product marketing video content, you can introduce your products and services to general web visitors, channel partners and distributed sales teams in a way that will truly enable them to visualize your value proposition from their computer or mobile device. Below are some product video examples that illustrate some of the ways that businesses are using Telideo's video marketing expertise and  video production services to produce marketing videos for their lead generation and brand awareness efforts. In addition to product related videos, our Denver marketing agency also specializes in producing testimonial videos and corporate videos

Product and Brand Inspiration Videos

Similar to consumer brands and products, B2B brands and products also have the ability to create purpose and elicit conviction amongst end-users. Product and brand inspiration videos are an easy and effective way to generate brand awareness with online prospects while communicating your company or products value proposition in a way that can create emotional connections with potential customers.

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Customer and Product Experience Videos

When you’re in the business of delivering and creating a unique experience for your customers they say seeing first-hand is believing. The real challenge is getting people to come in for that initial experience.  Whether you’re selling event space or have a unique retail destination such as a luxury spa or apparel boutique, customer and product experience videos allow you to truly showcase your space and/or offerings to potential customers online, increasing the likelihood of converting them from a viewer to a visitor.

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Product Portfolio and Product Tour Videos

Whether it be computer hardware equipment or outdoor patio pavers, if you’re in the business of selling physical goods and tangible items then video is the marketing communication tactic you should be investing in. With a product video you can introduce your product to online prospects in a way that will engage them far beyond a carousel of pictures.  And when delivered by a product manager or a real company employee, you’ll begin to build trust faster than you can believe.

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Animated Product Explainer Videos

When it comes to selling and marketing complex technologies or solutions, especially those that are disruptive in nature and/or cloud-based, being able to easily illustrate how your product or solution actually works can be somewhat of a challenge. Fortunately, with an animated explainer video, you can easily communicate how your solution works and the value that it can deliver using custom animation.

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Product and Technology Introduction Videos

Bringing a new product or technology to market is both exciting and challenging. With video communication you can strengthen the effectiveness of your go-to-market goals by creating deeper engagements with the individuals that interact and respond to your marketing efforts.  Capture their attention immediately and increase the likelihood of their taking action and progressing further down your sales funnel. 

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Product and Technology Demonstration Videos

The ability to demonstrate a technology or solution in-person to end-users is one of the most effective sales tools available to salespeople because it provides prospects with the opportunity to experience your value proposition first-hand.  The challenge for most organizations is the ability to scale in-person demo’s, especially if you have a national or global footprint and limited field sales presence. With a product video you can provide a similar demo experience to your online visitors regardless of where they are located. 

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Animated Technology Explainer Videos

With custom animated technology explainer video, you can easily communicate and illustrate how your solution or technology works and the value that it can deliver to prospective customers.  These types of videos can be extremely effective at simplifying and explaining technical complexities and technical feature-benefits to non-technical individuals such as purchasing managers, senior level executives and other sales influencers.  This holds especially true for software products and other products and services that don't have tangible features. 

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