Why Video is Important

How Video Marketing Benefits Today's Digital Marketer

Video marketing is the most powerful marketing tactic on the web today. While many marketing organizations don’t use corporate videography, the most successful ones do. In fact, it's been proven over and over again that video is the most effective and engaging communication tool available to marketers. Just Google “video marketing benefits” and you will find page after page of reports and articles published by well-known industry media outlets, content marketing experts and marketing technology companies.  All validating the benefits of using video and why companies should invest in video marketing and video advertising

If a picture is worth a million words then a video is worth a billion pictures. The value of incorporating videography into your overall marketing mix will help you create deeper engagements. It will also help you maximize the ROI from all of your digital marketing investments such as your corporate website, landing page campaigns and social media marketing. Businesses that invest in video marketing tend to have higher organic SEO rankings, convert more website traffic and elevating their brands perception so they are perceived as the leaders in their respective market categories.  Below is what our Denver video marketing agency considers to be the top three video marketing benefits. Click each section to learn more.

Top Three Benefits of Video Marketing

There are lots of benefits to using video content, including optimizing your organic search rankings, converting more website visitors and enhancing your brand perception.  

Organic SEO Benefits
Search Engines Love Video
Brand Perception Benefits
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Web Conversion Benefits

Different Ways Leading Companies Use Video

Whether you’re trying to build trust, recruit local talent in the Denver area, or generate leads, when it comes to videography the possibilities are endless. Below are some of the different ways marketers are using video, the types of videos they're creating and why.


Marketing Touch Points

  • Company Websites
  • Prospect Newsletters
  • PPC and CPM Ads
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Networks
  • Presentations and Events

Types of Videos

Achieved Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Optimization
  • Enhanced UX
  • Perceived Leadership
  • Builds Trust
  • And More...

False Barriers to Video Marketing 

Today’s marketer is often tasked with many objectives outside of their direct area of expertise. In many cases, they either turn to outside marketing experts to help them adopt new strategies and tactics, or they end up not executing their objectives at all.  In the case of video marketing, this failure is due to two common misconceptions about producing video content.


  1. Producing outsourced video content is cost-prohibitive – Many marketers overlook the fact that creating video content for the internet doesn't require the same amount of production resources as content intended for on-air television. To put this in perspective it doesn't require a crew of six people, a three person editing team and an actor to create a company overview video. It does however require an investment in the right video equipment, video software, production talent and expertise, all things you will get when you hire our Denver video production company.   
  2. Creating video content in-house is a cheaper alternative – A lot of leadership teams underestimate what it actually takes to produce high-quality video content intended for the public domain. Often times, those tasked with managing video projects end up producing low-quality content in-house due to using consumer grade video and audio equipment, and limited experience using post-production video software.

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