How Video Content Benefits Today's Digital Marketer

Video is the most powerful marketing tool available to today's digital marketer. If a picture is worth a million words then a video is worth a billion pictures. The benefits of investing in video production and incorporating video content into your overall marketing mix and go to market strategy is proven. Using video helps create stronger engagements with prospective customers which can result in accelerated sales cycles and increased revenue.

Video marketing is such a powerful tactic it will actually help you maximize the ROI from all of your digital marketing investments such as your company website, social media, paid advertising and other marketing channels. Businesses that invest in video and animated video tend to have higher organic SEO rankings, convert more website traffic and have an elevated brand perception making them appear as the leaders in their respective market categories.  

Top Three Benefits of Using Video Content

The benefits of using video include increased search rankings, more web conversions and an enhanced brand perception.
Organic SEO Benefits
Search Engines Love Video
Brand Perception Benefits
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Web Conversion Benefits

How Leading Marketers Are Using Video

Whether you’re trying to build trust, recruit local talent in the Denver area, or generate leads, when it comes to video and animated content the possibilities are endless. Below are some of the different ways marketers are using video, the types of videos they're creating and why.


Marketing Touch Points

  • Company Websites
  • Prospect Newsletters
  • PPC and CPM Ads
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Networks
  • Events and Trade Shows

Achieved Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Optimization
  • Enhanced UX
  • Perceived Leadership
  • Builds Trust
  • And More...