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Brand Video Production

Inspire Your Website’s Visitors With Video Production

Just like consumer brands, investing in brand video production has real-world benefits for businesses-to-business brands too. B2B, not-for-profit, organizational, and institutional brands also have the ability to generate purpose and elicit emotional conviction among end-users through the use of a brand video. Brand positioning and brand inspiration videos are an excellent way of communicating a company’s vision, culture, and value offered at the highest level by reinforcing it with high-impact visuals and narrative. 

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. But a video, which comprises several visuals, is worth much more. Unlike photography, brand video production lets you expand on a topic and elicit stronger emotions with music, voice, and visuals that accompany it.

Keep Your Site Visitors Engaged with Video

If you are looking to evoke strong emotions in the minds of your audience and inspire them to act, video production is the most effective tool you can leverage. So, whether your objective is to encourage people to buy a product, make donations, or support your cause, you just can’t overlook adding a brand inspiration video to your social media marketing tactics.

This is it: it’s common knowledge that the millennials and Gen-Z are more easily engaged by videos than any other kind of content. While most people will invest a few minutes of their time to play a video, even without prior knowledge of its content, they may scroll past descriptive texts or plain photos on their timeline. As a result, most users will ignore your non-video ad unless you are one of the hottest brands on the market.

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In essence, an unpopular organization or business will generate smaller brand awareness through written content or image ads these days than with video production, no matter how emotive you designed the ad to be.

Brand video shoot
Filming at AIMCO in Denver Tech Center

Benefits of using inspirational videos to motivate your audience:

  • Videos contain more dialogue, facial expressions, and more emotional resonance than any other marketing material
  • They provide in-depth information about your brand or cause
  • Videos are better at driving engagement than photos and text
  • Video grabs more attention, leading to 47% more CTR
  • They generate three times as many leads than image ads
  • Videos drive 20-30% more conversions than images
  • Videos get up to 1200% more shares

Video marketing is every organization’s best marketing tool today, and the reason is simple: people consider video content to be more entertaining. They may click out of intrigue or curiosity but will likely not stop even after realizing it is a branded video. Provided it is captivating and powerful enough to influence them mentally. It should also be concise enough to enable the audience truly visualize the concept without getting bored. It’s best to keep these videos to under two minutes. And that is why it is of critical importance to hire the right Denver video production company to create your brand inspiration video. At Telideo, that is what we do.

Contact us today to get the ultimate experience of making a top-notch inspirational brand video that will warm the soul and motivate your audience to support your cause.

Colorado State Patrol Brand Video

When to Invest in Brand Video Production

Inspirational and motivational videos are effective brand marketing tools because they make people feel a certain way. Knowing that emotion most times inspires action, you can use inspirational videos to:

  • Encourage audiences to join or support a cause for social good
  • Attract sponsors
  • Change people’s perception
  • Ingrain your brand’s mission and vision in the mind of viewers
  • Make your brand to be perceived positively.

Any business, for-profit or not-for-profit organization can leverage inspirational brand videos for their website and social media marketing. It all begins with a call. Contact us today for a personalized and unique service that will boost the success of your campaign.