Denver Client Testimonial Video Production

Generate More Clients With A Testimonial Video

Investing in client testimonial video production is extremely important for professional services individuals such as lawyers, wealth managers, and business consultants. Establishing trust with prospective clients is critical in whether they will retain your services.  Like any for-profit business, the referred company usually converts higher because a layer of trust already exists. With client testimonial videos, you can accelerate the trust-building process with your prospects who don’t have direct referrals by validating your services directly from your best clients.

Client testimonial video production is about letting your customers talk on your behalf, in their own words. This allows you to drive your message with integrity without paying brand ambassadors to advocate for you. This genuineness potentially fosters the highest level of trust among shrewd prospects.

Client Testimonial Video Production by one of Denver’s Top Video Production Companies

Our client testimonial video production team at Telideo can help you build trust. We’ll help you create a powerful testimonial video that genuinely highlights your strengths and influences prospects. After watching your video they will want to contact you. In addition to using high-grade equipment, we can guide you in sorting out your best clients and providing them with the right questions that will prompt compelling answers.

We can also help to correctly deploy your video testimonial on your website, sales pages, and overall SEO strategy.

Client Testimonials are An Essential Tool for Marketers

Individuals seeking out professional services typically prioritize the experience throughout their interaction with the professional as much as the end results. Whether they are looking for a healthcare provider, attorney, financial consultant, wealth manager, or marketing team, they are entrusting the professional with their life or business. Such situations are more critical and personal than when purchasing a product, and clients require the highest level of trust before making contact.

More often than not, written reviews (that may be fabricated) just don’t cut it. For clients who don’t have direct referrals from friends, a client testimonial video is the best way to build that layer of trust. That’s because word of mouth is the most powerful marketing weapon in your arsenal.

Moreover, your services are intangible. Often times there’s no physical evidence to show your work process or results, as with most professional services. Through testimonial video production, your past clients independently endorse your business by highlighting their positive experiences with you. In short, a client testimonial video helps prospects visualize just what they will experience when they choose you.

client testimonial video production denver
Client Testimonial Video Shoot Set in Denver, Colorado.

Our Client Testimonial Video Production Best Practices

Set Goals

Why are you investing in video testimonials? Who do you want to see it, and where do you want it to be seen? Answers to these questions will give directions on the formatting, style, and distribution of the testimonial video.

Find Willing Advocates

Who are your happiest clients that can excitedly advocate for your brand? Do these clients live in Denver? You must know that not every satisfied customer will be suitable for a video testimonial. We can help you find the perfect interviewees by assessing how they will come across on film. During our search, we may schedule video meetings with them to gauge their confidence, genuineness, and charisma, all of which will influence how compelling the delivery is.

Make it Realistic and Fun

A testimonial video should feel natural and authentic rather than staged. It’s best to create a relaxing atmosphere that helps put the client at ease, and we can achieve that by making the conversation fun and prompting more realistic and impactful facial expressions and responses. Treat them like celebrities. This will further help you connect with your clients.

Ask Purposeful, Open-Ended Questions

The questions should get the client talking about the benefits of working with you and why anyone would like to do the same. Our experienced testimonial video production team knows the right questions to induce soundbite-worthy responses.

Keep it Short

Don’t bore the audience, and don’t keep your clients talking for too long. The most memorable and impactful testimonial videos are short and to the point.

Quality Matters

Your video testimonial is a reflection of your brand. Therefore everything about it should be high-quality, from the video and audio to the lighting and editing. Adding sensational footage to support the narrative also helps.

You can always count on our Denver video company to tailor your client testimonial video for each distribution outlet you choose—social media, website, and otherwise. Our client testimonial video production process aims to create a powerful marketing tool for you to boost engagement, conversion rate, and overall ROI.