customer testimonial video production

Customer Testimonial Video Production

How Customer Testimonial Videos Can Help Drive Sales

Customer testimonial video production is the easiest and best way to capture the real people who will champion your brand. With a video, you’ll not only be capturing their story, but also the facial expressions, gestures, and emotions of your happy customers, which helps build virtual trust. This level of authenticity can be highly compelling to prospects. In short, a testimonial video is the most powerful approach you can use to convert prospects who haven’t made up their minds about your offer.

A customer testimonial video (a.k.a customer story or case study video) typically features one or more satisfied customers talking about how your product or service has helped them. There’s usually soft background music and sufficient lighting to create a sensational atmosphere.

The most exciting part of investing in customer testimonial video production is the ability to truly show how the customer goes about their life, sometimes using the product or service in their own space. This is what we call a b-roll.  It’s the highly impactful visual content that really makes your customer’s story resonate with viewers.  It all serves to create some epic footage even the customer would want to share on their social media, and that’s a score for you and your customer.

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Characteristics of a Good Customer Testimonial Video

A good testimonial video will be well thought out, and well planned to ensure you’re telling the most effective story possible. A good customer story video should be:

  • Focused on the customer, not the brand they are championing.
  • A problem-and-solution narrative.
  • Unscripted. The narrative should be in the customer’s own natural words.
  • Informative but relaxed.
  • Lifestyle footage (B-Roll) that captures parts of the customer’s typical day.
Customer Testimonial Video Production
Customer Testimonial Video Production Shoot

Best Practices for Producing Testimonial Videos

Like any video production, it takes a lot of planning to make good content. Here are some general tips on how to produce a high-quality customer testimonial video:

  • Identify your happiest customers that would willingly provide a testimonial.
  • List out open-ended questions that will spur answers to help build trust for your brand.
  • Share those questions in advance with your subject so they can prepare.
  • Have a video call with the customers in advance to discuss their answers.
  • Work with them to prepare appropriate responses that are genuine.
  • The shorter, the better. This will encourage customers to drive the point home faster.
  • Help your customer feel at ease by making the conversation fun. This will make their facial expression and responses more realistic and impactful.
  • Use multiple cameras to shoot different angles to keep the viewer engaged.
  • Create a shot list of b-roll based on your customer’s responses.

Remember that your customer is serving as your brand advocate. So, consider using cinema-grade cameras to achieve spectacular video your “ambassador” would be willing to share themselves. The purpose of the customer testimonial is to create virtual trust with viewers. Using high-quality equipment will help position your brand in a positive light.


Why Work with a Video Production Company for Your Testimonial Video

A great case study video should be high-quality, well-lit, have clear audio, and be professionally edited for the best results. And that’s what we help you achieve at Telideo. Check out these customer testimonial video examples.

We handle your customer testimonial video production process from start to finish to ensure we capture sensational footage that tells a story and drives sales. This holds especially true when filming might not be your company’s focus.  Your internal marketing department might lack the necessary equipment and technical know-how to produce great video content. So it’s best to leave it with a professional video production company so you can focus on selling your core services.

Customer Testimonial Video Shoot in Denver
Customer Testimonial Video Shoot

How Long Does It Take to Produce a Testimonial Video?

The testimonial video production process can take 2-8 weeks to complete, depending on the style of the video. However, the bulk of that timeline involves coordinating your team and customer schedules. Once that is settled, the shooting and editing process is a breeze. At Telideo, we can typically produce a rough cut of your video within just a week of filming.

What Does a Customer Testimonial Video Cost to Produce?

The cost of your customer testimonial video production will vary based on factors such as the number of customers you wish to interview, distance, and how sophisticated the content will be. When it comes to filming, the most time-consuming part is the capturing of the b-roll. Often, many of these shots will need to be planned and stagged. If you have a definite budget, the team at telideo can always develop a creative approach that works best for you.