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Capture The Energy of Your Denver Event With Video

For most organizations, annual events or summits are a big thing. Marketers and event managers spend months, sometimes even years, planning to ensure their attendees have a positive experience. One of the best ways to keep the momentum going well beyond the event is to capture it with a video. This allows you to share it with your attendees and future attendees. Investing in Denver conference video production is the easiest way to create new content at your next event in Denver.

Event video production is one of the easiest and quickest ways to build a suite of video content. At a planned event, you can capture a lot more than just the presentations you deliver. You can also easily capture testimonials, demonstrations, and social media content because everyone and everything is already in one place. 

Telideo has been filming conference videos and other corporate events in Denver for years. As a top-rated video production company in the Denver metro area, we have worked closely with several large organizations and out-of-state brands to capture the events they host in Colorado. Whether it’s a stylish conference meeting, trade show, graduation, or industry event, we’ll use our knowledge of what makes a great highlight video to tell the story of that memorable event.

We can also put our video production expertise to work capturing testimonial content at your Denver event. Since you’ll have everyone gathered in a single place your event will be the perfect place to capture a lot of testimonial content very quickly.

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Denver Conference Video Production Shoot
Denver Conference Video Production Shoot

Why Invest in Conference Video Production?

Conference video production is an excellent way to capture the memories of notable conferences, trade shows, and other corporate social occasions. Our Denver conference video production team uses specialized equipment to cover the highlights of the event. 

Interestingly, it’s much more than just a highlight video. A conference video can be a powerful marketing tool for future business promotion and recruitment. It can boost brand awareness as the content is shared across social media and news networks. It can serve as social proof to establish credibility and trust in your brand. Every organization looking to grow can do with such exposure.

As video storytellers, our conference video team can help you communicate the story of your event to enhance engagement. At our Denver video production company, we let the public know what your event was about. We’ll let them know who hosted it, why people attended, and why they should attend again next year. An engaging conference video can grant you a bigger event in the future as more people would be willing to attend.

Hiring our Denver video team to capture your event also provides a great opportunity to capture some great product marketing video content. Events and tradeshows are the perfect places to capture the demonstrations you’re already planning on delivering!

Trade Show Video Shoot in Denver, Colorado
Trade Show Video Shoot in Denver, Colorado

Professional Conference Video Production with an Expert Crew

  • At Telideo, we are proficient at blending into the background of the event. It isn’t desirable to have your audience’s attention divided by a cameraperson. We won’t just show up, we’ll work with you before your event to map out the perfect positions for our video cameras.
  • We arrive early so we can be up and running before the conference commences. No important highlight was missed. In fact, we prefer to arrive at least 2 hours prior to your event kicking off.
  • Our toolset comprises high-grade filming equipment including Blackmagic cinema cameras, so you can be sure your conference video production will be of the highest quality.
  • Lighting is crucial to every great video. We will assess the conditions at the venue to know whether we need to bring extra lighting.
  • High-quality audio is a key element of a good event video. Although we can work with AV teams, we can also provide radio mics if needed to ensure every word comes through clearly.
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6 K G1
Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6 K G1 Professional Video Camera

Interviews and highlight films

Have some specific part of the event you wish to capture? Let our professional videographers in Denver film any desired highlight you’ve planned for your events like red carpets, interviews, and beauty shots of presenters and special guests. You can use such highlight videos as an effective marketing tool for your next conference, trade show, or corporate event.

We use high-grade filming equipment and a rich set of skills to produce a slick, epic conference video that anyone would like to watch. Give non-attendees a feel of being there live. Position your organization as one to not reckon with in the industry.

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