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End-User Testimonial Video Production

Build Trust With An End-User Testimonial Video

No matter what product you are selling or the service you are providing locally in Denver, investing in end-user testimonial video production will take your marketing to the next level. Your prospective end-users will most likely seek out some type of validation of your offering before they invest in your product or service. 

The best type of validation you can offer is a reference from an existing overly satisfied end-user, often referred to as a “brand champion”. With a video testimonial, you’ll be able to let your best end-users visually share their success stories directly with the prospects that visit your website seeking validation.

Why Create an End-User Testimonial?

An end-user testimonial video is a highly effective way to persuade prospects via word of mouth, but far more powerful than text-based reviews. It is a way for current happy customers to discuss their positive experiences with your brand, indirectly recommending it to potential buyers.

Imagine a case scenario: you’ve saved up money to buy a motorcycle. Then you hopped on Google and shortlisted two of your favorite options. Now you desire to know the best one to spend your hard-earned money on.

denver end user testimonial video production shoot in Denver
End-User Testimonial Video Shoot in Denver, Colorado.

Would you go for the one with some emotionless “nice motorcycle” comments? Or would you rather splurge on the one with testimonial videos showing the motorcycle from different angles and a few end users riding and describing everything they love about their new machine?

end user testimonial video production denver
.End User Testimonial Video Shoot in Denver

Most customers would choose the latter, even though the former looks more visually appealing. That’s because people buy the experience and not just the item. A good end user testimonial video is a visual depiction of what you’ll experience while using the product. It’s an assurance because you actually see the product in action and the happy faces applauding it. This is unlike any text-based review that can easily be whipped up.

So, should you invest in an end-user testimonial video production? The numbers below tell it all:

  • 85% of consumers long to see more video content from brands
  • 72% of customers say that videos make them trust a brand more
  • 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product after watching a brand’s video
  • Video grabs more attention and leads to 47% more click-thru rate (CTR)
  • Video content generates 3x more leads and 20-30% more conversions than image ads
  • A website is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google if it contains a video

Why Testimonial Videos Work

Customer testimonial videos work because they help establish and build brand trust:

  • Social proof is so persuasive: the behavior and experiences of others guide our own decisions
  • Videos offer more depth about the benefits of the product than traditional reviews do
  • Testimonial videos build more brand credibility and trust
  • Videos are easily shareable on social media, leading to more brand awareness and traffic
  • You get to control the narrative of your brand
Testimonial End-User video shoot in Denver, CO.

What Makes a Good End User Testimonial Video Production?

An effective testimonial video focuses on results and benefits rather than features. It tells a strong story potential customers can relate to, forging a connection between them and your brand. A good testimonial video will feel authentic and genuine.  It won’t be scripted and will be the true words of your brand champions. Your end-user testimonial video should:

  • Not be scripted
  • Provide a personal touch
  • Be Short and interesting
  • Captured with high-quality audio and visual

All of that can take time and considerable effort to create. In short, it is like filming a short documentary movie. If you lack the equipment and technical know-how to produce a testimonial video, it’s best to leave it to a Denver video production company like us.

At Telideo, we offer end-user testimonial video production and are always ready to help you. We work with you to create top-notch footage of your overly satisfied customers happily using and advocating your brand and product.