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Generate Interest With An Event Sizzle Reel Video

If you are in the process of planning an event for your brand or company, don’t overlook having an event sizzle reel video produced. These types of videos are the most effective promotional tools in the marketer’s toolbox for future events and are often overlooked by event planners.

We all know that seeing something doesn’t always translate to believing it, especially when you are talking about photographs or reading customer testimonials. If your objective is to sell event passes, sponsorship space or increase foot traffic to your pop-up store or live event, then a picture and some descriptive text can only go so far. That is unless you are the hottest brand on the market and easily accessible. With an event sizzle reel video, you can quickly generate interest from past and prospective visitors and attendees.

sizzle reel video production

Let’s face it, people prefer to watch video these days, especially if they are seriously considering investing their time to attend your event. With a sizzle video you can easily highlight the value and importance of your event. The purpose of an event sizzle reel video is not to present the entire story or details of your event, but more so to highlight your event and entice people them to attend. These types of videos also provide an excellent opportunity to offer previous attendee testimonials.  Nothing is more powerful than making it possible for a future attendee to see and hear a live testimonial from a previous attendee.

These types of videos typically range from one to two minutes in total duration. And again, the purpose is to build an appetite for your event in an appropriate amount of time. Doing this will help prospects truly visualize what they are signing up for.  These videos should be short and to the point without too much over repetitive fluff content just to increase time. They should also be supported by a full marketing plan to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) is achieved from the video.

Here are some of the benefits of having an event sizzle reel video as part of your event’s planning and promotion toolkit:

  1. They attract more people than any other promotion method.
  2. They provide in-depth information about your event.
  3. They are more likely to be shared rather than photos or articles.
  4. They can be shared on any platform (YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
  5. They allow you to share more information in a shorter time.
  6. They allow you to control the narrative of your business or event.

The use of event sizzle reel videos is becoming the new norm for all event marketers. With platforms like social media, corporate websites, and conference micro websites, distributing your video and generating interest has never been easier. If you are going to invest in having an event sizzle video produced, it is important that you hire the right Denver video production company to produce it. Contact us today and get the ultimate experience of making a top-notch event sizzle reel video that will help you attract more attendees or sponsors. We ensure to provide a completely personalized and unique service that will boost the success of your future events.