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Member Testimonial Video Production Denver

Our member testimonial video production team in Denver can help you create impactful footage that accelerates your membership acquisition. We will meet with past and existing members willing to share their positive experiences with the association, and we will film as they tell the story in their own words. This is the easiest and best way to truly share the value of your brand with potential members.

Member Testimonial Video Example

Why Invest in Testimonial Video Production?

Member testimonial videos are a huge asset to any organization. If you own a gym, social club, or corporate association, you rely on membership acquisition to grow. Although you know that you offer great services and exceptional experiences to members, it’s not always enough to blow your own trumpet. A member testimonial validates your services through a consumer’s perspective, which is typically more genuine and valuable to the trust-building process.

Build credibility by allowing your satisfied members to do the talking for you.

But why not just use a written testimonial? Here are reasons why video testimonial trumps all other forms of marketing:

  • The storytelling flair of video testimonials makes them more engaging than text-based reviews
  • Video testimonials are more authentic and credible
  • Videos are more readily shared, leading to non-paid brand ambassadorship
  • The facial expressions, excitement, and reactions of the interviewee are more compelling than any static text
  • Membership testimonials provide a visual touchpoint. So instead of the usual print and online text, give your prospects something fresh.
Denver member testimonial video production shoot
Member testimonial video production shoot in a Denver.

Types of Testimonial Videos

Standard Testimonial

This testimonial should be from a long-time, loyal member looking to continue renewing their membership. Questions to ask them to include:

  • How long have you been a member?
  • What do you love about the club/association?
  • How has it helped shape your personal/professional life?

Young Professional Testimonial

If you run a professional association, it’s helpful to have a young professional member testimonial since this category of persons has a unique set of needs. The benefits they derive from the association can encourage other young professionals to hop on board.

member testimonial video shoot in Denver
Member Testimonial Video Production Shoot for Local Denver Gym.

Committee Member Testimonial

Does your association or club have a committee? Joining a committee is a way to get members involved. Rather than simply telling members what they stand to gain from joining (which always sounds sales-focused), let existing committee members do the talking for you.

Ask questions like:

  • On what committee are you serving?
  • What’s your role there?
  • How has joining the committee impacted you?
  • Would you recommend joining? If yes, why?

How to Get Started with a Testimonial Video

Are you worried that a member will say no when you ask for a testimonial? That can be a nightmare. You can prevent that by following the tips below:

  • Identify a particular member who has been an enthusiastic and recurring attendant
  • Approach them just after a successful event, when they are still basking in the experience
  • Connect with the member warmly before asking for a candid review
  • Don’t push it. Not everyone is open to such attention and publicity; give them the option to decline.

Don’t have the tools, time, or skills to shoot some epic coverage? We’ve got you! As a top-rated video production company in Denver, we can help you create a member testimonial video that causes prospects to take action.

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Increase Your Memberships With A Testimonial Video

If you own a business in need of new members then investing in member testimonial video production is what you need! Whether you’re trying to recruit new members for your Denver health or social club or new corporate members to join your industry organization, member testimonials are an extremely effective way to generate interest from the people or organizations you’re trying to recruit. With a testimonial video, you can give prospects a glimpse of what it’s really like to be a member of your club or organization. Membership testimonial videos are an excellent way to help you increase your membership rates.