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Partner Testimonial Video Production

Recruit More Partners With A Testimonial Video

Investing in partner testimonial video production is extremely important for companies that sell-thru channel partners. Recruiting channel partners and resellers can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you’re a newcomer in an established market with big-budget players with recognizable brands.

Just like your end-user advocates, your partner advocates are equally important to the future success of your company. The easiest way to illustrate the value of your business proposition and convince a prospective partner to invest in a business relationship is to show them examples of successful partners who’ve already taken the risk and are realizing the rewards. 

Partner Testimonial Video Filmed in Denver, Colorado.

What is a Partner Testimonial Video?

A partner testimonial video shows your business partners, resellers, distributors, or other third-party affiliates advocating for your brand by genuinely highlighting their positive experience with you in their own words. Especially when you’re in the SaaS industry, you’ll find partner testimonial videos helpful in winning more partners and affiliates, expanding your brand, and creating more revenue for you.

As a top-ranked Denver video production company, we can help you create a partner testimonial video that is memorable and impactful. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building trust through video testimonials. Our team of experts will work with you no matter your industry to create powerful footage that compels future partners to take that bold step to learn more about your partnerships.

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Why You Need to Invest in Partner Testimonial Video Production

  • Social proof is one of the most effective marketing methods in existence.
  • Testimonial videos are more memorable, impactful, and realistic than written reviews.
  • Videos are more engaging and more readily shared than written reviews.
  • In a market dominated by big brands, startup software vendors particularly need partners, distributors, and affiliates to increase the adoption of their software products.
partner testimonial video production shoot
Partner Testimonial Video Production Shoot in Denver, CO.

Are Partner Testimonial Videos Limited to Tech Companies?

Any company can leverage partner testimonial video production. If your business relies on partnerships, distribution, or reselling, you can take advantage of video testimonials to attract valuable businesses to work with your brand. A video will allow them to easily see the benefits they stand to gain from the partnership.

Our Partner Testimonial Video Production Process

The video production process for producing high-quality partner testimonials is simple:

  • Contact us and tell us your needs.
  • Then, we’ll request all the information we need to proceed.
  • Nominate your existing partners, and we’ll take it from there.
  • We contact your partners, interviewing them to ensure they’re well prepared before the coverage. When they’re well prepared, they say all the right words, and that’s a win for you.
  • We proceed with the actual interview, filming your partners and asking open-ended questions that get them talking about the benefits and remarkable experiences of working with your brand.
  • You give us feedback, and we work on editing, trimming, and tailoring the content to create a compelling testimonial video.
  • We hand over the finalized video to embed into your sales process. We can also work with you in identifying the right spots to embed the video for the best results.

Testimonial Video Production Best Practices

With years of experience producing partner testimonial videos in Denver and beyond, we know what makes a good one:

  • Your testimonial video needs to be punchy and concise. Deliver compelling, soundbite-worthy responses by asking the right questions during the interview.
  • It shouldn’t be too long; an average of 2 minutes is ample time.
  • A personal touch to help build virtual trust.
  • Top-quality visuals and sound to go with the video footage.
  • Must be authentic; it should be the actual words of the interviewees, not scripted.

Ready to begin your partner testimonial video production? Our team is ready to help.