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Make A Bigger Impact On Site Visitors With a Personal Introduction Video

Personal introduction video production can help you connect with your target audience on a more intimate level. It replaces that corporate air with a more personal feel that enables prospects to see you as someone they can approach and trust. These types of videos are more or less an About Me video that may highlight your background and lifestyle while explaining what you do. The level of formality of these types of videos really depends on what industry you are serving.

When Best to Use an Introduction Video

  • Legal services
  • Medical services
  • Counseling or coaching services
  • Real estate and mortgage services
  • Financial advisor services
  • Any service that requires a high level of trust

Introductory videos can help you build virtual trust and stand out from the crowd since you’re relating with your audience on a more personal level. The prospect feels they have literally met you, so contacting you for such a service becomes easier. This ultimately translates to more conversions.

Personal Introduction Video Production Example

Our Denver video production company can help you create a personal introduction video that works using best practices and proven strategies. Over the years, we have come to understand what works and what doesn’t, and we are delighted to make you one of our happy customers.

Best Practices for Producing a Self Introduction Video

The following tips are essential and should absolutely be taken into consideration when creating a self-introduction video:

Introduce Yourself Professionaly

Your video should not only begin with your name but a quick dive into what you do, why you do it — essentially, your core values and motivation.

Get A Little Personal

After introducing yourself, give your audience a sense of your personality by adding a few facts about yourself. It could be your interests or experiences or even about your family. Really anything to make you seem more human and relatable.

Talk About “Why Choose Me”

Of course, you’re offering a service, so this is where you get to talk about your brand. Mention when you started, how long you’ve been practicing, how you’ve grown, what distinguishes your brand, how you wish to help the viewer, etc.

Personal Introduction Video Production Denver
Personal Introduction Video Production Shoot

Create Deeper Connections With Pictures

A personal self-introduction video should include images and other visuals that appeal to the emotion. When discussing why you do what you do, add photos of past challenged clients or people experiencing the pain you wish to address.

Prepare Your Video Script in Advance

You don’t have to start from scratch; you can always take inspiration from great personal introduction videos. Figure out how to convey your message in the most striking and casual manner.

Be Prepared For Your Personal Introduction Video Production Shoot

Creating a self-introduction video isn’t very difficult. However, to make it perfect and extremely appealing, a lot of editing is required. You want digital effects, solid visuals, and loveable transitions to make your video breathtaking. If you want to reduce the amount of editing, you might consider writing a script and delivering your video content from a teleprompter.

Work With a Professional Video Production Company

If you do not have the skill and time to produce your introduction video from start to finish, consider hiring a Denver video production company like Telideo. Our personal introduction video production team can help you take out the guesswork and create a compelling video that gets clients calling you. We can also help with the promotion.