Denver Video Production

Speaking Events and Live Presentation Videos

Maximize Your Live Speaking Opportunities 

One of the easiest ways to generate high-quality video content quickly is to capture a live presentation or speaking engagement that’s already planned.  These types of videos not only produce content of great interest to your target audiences but are easy to capture because they require minimal pre-production work. Whether you’re delivering your presentation on a stage, in a meeting room, or on a tradeshow floor, the video production experts at Telideo have perfected capturing these types of videos.  

Below is a short sample from a live presentation we recorded and edited.  We always film presentations using two cameras to break up the monotony of the online experience. In addition, we also always recommend that customers have us inject high-quality images of their presentation slides and materials instead of trying to capture them using a third camera. This ensures that the entire presentation is delivered in the highest quality to online viewers.