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Humanize Your Message With A Talking Head Video

Investing in talking head video production is an excellent way to deliver a short and concise message while engaging users in a pseudo-one-to-one type of engagement. At our Denver video production, we company we specialize in this type of content production. Whether you’re trying to put a face to your brand or introduce your latest innovation or development, these types of videos can be highly effective with a well-crafted message intended for a targeted prospect. 

What is a talking head video?

A talking head video is a style of video in which the person talks directly into the camera with only their head and upper body visible. You can produce a talking head video when you need to discuss an important topic as a thought leader, offer training, inform the public of your latest innovation, or give a “welcome from CEO” message to put a name to your brand.

  • Create viral content
  • Offer training
  • Explain your process
  • Give expert opinion
  • Put a face to your brand
  • Grow your audience
  • Compel viewers to take action

Don’t know how to go about it? No worries! We are a top-rated video production company in Denver and can help with your talking head video production. With our decades of experience, we can give you the directions you need to come across as a true expert on screen. So whether you need to establish an approachable personality or give an expert analysis, we know all the elements needed to create the desired effect.

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Talking Head Video Production Shoot in Denver
Talking Head Video Production Shoot in Denver

Tips for a good talking head video

Here are the best practices for producing a good talking head presentation:

First, determine your ultimate goal

What kind of effect do you want to create in the mind of your audience? And who is your target audience? Answering these questions will help ensure your talking head video is clear, concise, and engaging.

Rehearse your script or use teleprompters

While some people use teleprompters for their talking head video presentation, you can write a script if you wish to be a bit more natural, especially when you’re shooting a welcome video. Whichever method you choose, knowing the right words to say concisely helps establish you as an expert in the field. At Telideo we use a professional-grade beam-splitting teleprompter that we can match to your tempo and pace so that your delivery is perfect.

Proper Lighting is crucial

Lighting is a key element in video production. If your talking head video comes off as low-quality because of poor lighting, the footage might not get the reception it deserves. We recommend avoiding overexposure and shadows. Preferably, the subject should face the window if there’s sufficient natural sunlight coming through. Where not feasible, use white lights instead of colored ones. We also have films that we can apply to windows to help reduce the natural glare from sunlight.

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Talking Head Videos Denver
Filming a Talking Head Video in Denver, Colorado

Multiple cameras

One important tip for good talking head video production is to use at least two cameras. Alternating the footage from different angles will make the overall content more engaging, dynamic, and interesting. Using two cameras will also facilitate cutting around mistakes during the editing process.

Keep it short

When writing a talking head video script, include only the important information to keep the footage as short and to-the-point as possible.

Telideo is one of Denver’s most reputable video production companies and can help with your talking head video. We have performed several talking head interviews for different experts and CEOs of large organizations around the Denver metro area. As a result, we have become specialists in capturing powerful footage.

Let us know the goal of your talking head video production, and we would be only too happy to offer you our professional assistance.