Is Cinematic Lighting Right for Denver Corporate Video Production?

Is Cinematic Lighting Right for Corporate Video Production?

Did you know that 62% of consumers have developed negative images and opinions of a brand? This happens when they publish poor-quality video marketing campaigns, making it ever so important to incorporate good video into your digital marketing strategy now to begin gaining traffic and positive brand perception.

Understanding the basics of corporate video production Denver is just part of producing successful videos to increase your marketing efforts and ROI. You’ll also want to pay attention to the quality of the videos you’re producing. That begins with understanding how to make cinematic lighting work for your Denver video production.

What is Cinematic Lighting?

Traditional Denver corporate video production relied upon the age-old 3 point lighting setup that has been used to light basic setups for decades. This setup uses three light sources to light a subject from the front and on both sides. Cinematic lighting, however, adds drama and visual interest to the video and overall storyline.

With over 300 hours of content uploaded per minute to YouTube, telling a story is what’s going to set you and your video apart from the competition. And, seeing as proper storytelling can not only increase your conversions but increase the value of them! What better way to enhance your storytelling efforts in the video than by using cinematic lighting techniques?

How to Cinematically Light Corporate Videos

Cinematic lighting uses advanced film production techniques. Such as diffusion, color temperature changes, bounced light, and low-key lighting to change the entire visual mood of the video, therefore making it more appealing as a story. This type of low-key lighting instantly adds a cinematic look and feel to your marketing videos and can further the storyline in a way that’s subconscious, yet very effective, for viewers.

To accomplish this, you’ll want to learn about the different kinds of lighting (key light, fill light, practical, natural light, soft light, backlight, etc.). You’ll want to use this type of “hard lighting” to emphasize depth and texture, calling attention to a particular subject or product.

Combining these techniques with gel filters that can change the color temperature or using bounced light to create shadows that help shift the viewers’ attention will make it even more cinematic. Choosing to do so should be done carefully. It should only ever be done if it enhances your storyline.

Making Video Work for Your Brand

The key to making video work for your brand lies in being willing to take chances and invest in a marketing strategy that is tailored specifically to your audience and customer base.

While this can be done in-house, it’s much easier to craft a consistent brand image with the help of a professional video production company in Denver that’s dedicated years to learning how to use video and lighting techniques in the right ways.

By utilizing proper lighting techniques, you can rest assured you’re publishing high-quality content whether on a website, or social media that will gain maximum exposure and the biggest returns.

Telideo Productions Inc is a top-rated video production company in Denver! From start to finish, we can assist you with all aspects of lighting to a full Denver corporate video production.

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