Easy to Implement Content Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies

Regardless of what industry your company is in, developing an executable content marketing plan will play a vital role in helping you attract and win new customers.  Why? Because developing good content can help you create deeper engagements, build virtual trust and rank higher in organic web searches. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the top marketing strategies for B2B companies.


Testimonials remain a powerful marketing tool because it allows us to hear from those who have tried the product or service first-hand. When a company is in the market for a particular good or service, they are making an investment into their own company. Obviously, this means they want to select something that provides the greatest ROI. Testimonials, especially testimonial videos, allow potential customers to hear and see exactly how a good or service helped a particular company. When the person in the tutorial is genuinely convincing, this can be a very powerful method of attracting new customers and building virtual trust.


In the age of content marketing, articles can be a profound marketing tool for B2B companies. A great way to present information without overwhelming potential customers, articles often offer a unique perspective or methods of fixing common issues. Furthermore, they give you an opportunity to share the benefits of the goods and/or services your company offers. For instance, if you sell popcorn to movie theaters, you might write an article on the best snacks to serve at a movie theater and note that popcorn is preferred because it tastes great and also has lots of salt, which makes customers more likely to purchase a beverage as well.


A relatively new phenomenon, infographics graphics that provide a visual representation of information or data that is important in some fashion. Easily sharable on a wide variety of social media and other types of sites, infographics are great because they allow us a way to relay a great deal of information all in one graphic. Moreover, they are often written in a method that is entertaining, which means they can spread more quickly and may even go viral.

Video Marketing

Video is by far the most powerful and effective content marketing tool available to B2B marketers. And because the costs to produce professional quality video content has decreased over the years, video marketing is now more accessible to marketers then ever before.  Whether it’s an animated explainer, a testimonial or a company introduction, the power of video is proven. But just like all of the other marketing assets you may invest in, a video must have a purpose and go to market plan in order to maximize its potential.


Creating an E-newsletter is an excellent method of keeping your customer, prospects and even partners up to date with your company and its offerings. By sending a bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly newsletter, you are simultaneously spreading brand awareness while providing your customers with tangible information that can be immediately useful. Furthermore, you can include special offers and other invitations for sales at the end of each letter sent out.


Case Study

As mentioned, those who are using B2B services are typically interested in substantial and immediate results, above all else. By putting together a simple 1-2 page report that shows specifics on how your product or service has helped a specific company, you will entice more companies in similar situations to give your business a try. This is an effective method of marketing because it removes the entertainment value and simply provides the facts on how your products and/or services have been useful to deliver value, drive sales and boost the efficiency of other companies.


Webinar/ Webcasts

Webinars are an often overlooked B2B marketing tactic that allow companies to offer business owners insider information that can be immediately useful to their business. For instance, if you offer content writing services, you could conduct a webinar on how to properly market articles and other types of comment on the web. At the end of the webinar, you can provide attendees with a discount to immediately begin putting the knowledge you’ve provided into action. Moreover, you can even record webinars and post them as videos on your website or YouTube for those who weren’t able to attend.

In Summary

Overall, content marketing can be one of the most important types of marketing for any business, and especially B2B companies. Rather than using typical ads, which seem to be much less effective and costly, content marketing is considered such a good tool because it allows customers to get something in return for giving their time and attention to your brand. Furthermore, when the materials are especially useful, they will be shared in mass, and may even go viral. Therefore, every B2B company should include at least one form of content marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

About the Author

Peter Horton is the founder of Telideo Productions, a Denver video production company.  To learn more about Peter please visit his LinkedIn Profile.