How to Create Whiteboard Animated Videos – Complete Guide

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Keep reading for a guide to whiteboard animation videos.

Make Your Case

Do you recall the last time you shared a complex business idea and people didn’t get it? In many cases, this scenario might start with you staring back at a sea of blank faces.

In this instance, you realize you need to find a way to make things click. You might start acting out scenes or using objects and hand gestures to get your idea across.

If that doesn’t work, you might turn to visual aids. You’d draw lines, arrows, shapes, or whatever you need to help your audience understand your ideas. As it turns out, visual aids are an effective way to share concepts—especially if they’re complex.

An Innovative Way to Explain Your Ideas

Today, there’s no need to keep a pen and pad at the ready. Instead, you can present ideas creating whiteboard animated videos. They can help you highlight your products, services, and visions.

People also call a whiteboard animation video an explainer video or a whiteboard explainer video. It’s a type of video you can use to express complex ideas. However, a whiteboard animation video makes your complex ideas easy to comprehend.

Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos

White board animation videos are quality videos that highlight a specific topic with illustrated characters. These videos contain other visual elements where needed, such as shapes and diagrams.

Brands use whiteboard animation videos to condense complex ideas into simple concepts. The animations help guide your audience’s attention.

Animations also help to show the links between two ideas. In this way, they can help you explain complex topics you need your target audience to understand.

Why Whiteboard animated videos?

Think of your last PowerPoint presentation. Now, imagine that PowerPoint presentation on steroids. That’s whiteboard animation.

This type of video retains audience attention longer compared to PowerPoint presentations. Still, you can share your explainer videos, just like PowerPoint.

However, whiteboard animation videos are more accessible. You can easily send their content to your audience. Furthermore, they can share explainer videos effortlessly using social media, websites, and other digital channels.Our Video Animation Production Process(Opens in a new browser tab)

The Components Used for Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos

Every brand’s whiteboard animation is different. However, all successful animated videos share a few common elements.

You may not have all these elements in your presentation. If so, it’s likely that you’re creating a different kind of video.

Let’s look closer at the basic components of a great whiteboard animated video.

Breaking Down the Parts

Complete Guide to Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos

Professional video production is an involved process. With whiteboard animation videos, you must first create a focus if you want to create an excellent presentation. In other words, you should have a clear understanding of what your video is about.

Of course, you’ll need a whiteboard. A whiteboard is a white background in your video. It shifts viewers’ focus to the elements on the screen.

Your explainer video also needs animated elements and characters. They guide your audience as your video explains a complex topic.

Furthermore, your whiteboard animation needs transitions. The transitions help your audience navigate between ideas and scenes. They also help to keep your audience’s attention.

Natural transitions make your explainer video feel cohesive. They don’t give your audience the chance to get disengaged or abandon the presentation.

Finally, your animation video needs a voiceover. A voiceover accompanies animations to explain the concept of the video. It gives meaning to the animated elements in the presentation.

Together, these components enable you to make a powerful animated video.

Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos

Animated Explainer videos

Now that you understand the components of great whiteboard animation videos, let’s look at how you can create one on your own.

There’s a structured process for bringing your ideas to life. The following paragraphs offer step-by-step instructions for creating a whiteboard video. Of course, you can alter the process to suit your needs.

By building a foundation on the following steps, you can save time and money as you create your whiteboard animation video. You’ll also ensure the integrity of your explainer video project.

Start With a Storyboard Outline

Let’s revisit your vision or focus. Based on your focus, you must start plotting each scene of your video.

For instance, you can draw sketches of each scene and explain what’s going on in each one. This information is very helpful for the animator. They can use the storyboard to bring your vision to life.

Your whiteboard animation video should have a natural flow. In other words, it should have a distinct beginning, middle, and end. You’ll need to remember this point as you create your storyboard.

While creating your storyboard, think about the elements you want in your video. For instance, you might use illustrations of people. Alternatively, you may need to include miscellaneous objects to explain your idea.

With these points in mind, plan how you’ll get your point across with each scene.

Writing a Script for the Voiceover Before Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos

Using the work you’ve done so far, it’s time to compose the first draft of your voiceover script. If you get stuck, don’t worry. You’ll likely need to complete several revisions before finalizing the script.

Your script must align with your overall brand objective if you want to get the right point across to your audience. It must also align with your whiteboard animation video outline and storyboard.

Use these elements as a guide. They’ll help you to keep your explainer video story on track.

Once you’ve completed a script draft, read it out loud. This exercise serves two purposes.

First, you’ll hear how your script sounds. Second, you can time the duration of your video based on the script and adjust it accordingly.

This part of creating your whiteboard animation video is essential. Something may sound good on paper. However, it may not sound so great when read out loud.

It’s even better if you have a peer to help. They can listen to your script and provide feedback. Once you finalize your script, don’t forget to include a call to action.

microphone in studio for voiceover

Composing the Visuals

Now, it’s time to create your animations and illustrations for your explainer video. This step requires artistic skill.

For instance, you’ll need a good drawing hand. If you aren’t an artist, you’ll most likely need to outsource this part of the task or learn how to draw. There are also drawing tutorials if you are ambitious and have creative abilities.

If you need an expert animator, Telideo Productions can help. Our artists have skills in creating whiteboard animations. They’ve helped many companies bring their explainer video visions to life.

It takes a lot of time to create animations for an explainer video. It can prove highly frustrating to work on a project that falls short of your expectations.

Our skilled artists can ensure your animation video impresses and excites both you and your audience. A professional can also assist you to find your target audience, with their marketing efforts through video views.


At this point, you can begin the editing and postproduction process. This is the last stage of creating your whiteboard animation video. Here, you’d begin finalizing your creation for your audience.

The postproduction process is tedious and time-consuming. You must analyze every frame during this stage. It’s critical for your animation to meet exacting standards if you want to create a high-quality explainer video.

Once you’ve completed postproduction, you can start exporting your finished product in various media formats. It’s essential to understand the different file formats you’ll need for various marketing channels. For example, you’ll need a .MOV file for Twitter promotions.

If you use your explainer video on websites, however, you’ll need to create an .MP4 video file. With this point in mind, you must know the formats needed for every marketing channel you’ll use for your promotion.

You’re ready to start using it to boost your video marketing campaigns.

Tools for the Job

A compelling whiteboard animation video is a powerful tool for your brand. It will help you share the benefits of your product or services effectively with your prospective customers. Moreover, it will empower you to share your complex brand messages in an understandable and straightforward manner.

You may have considered creating a whiteboard animation on your own. If so, there are many good options available.

Let’s have a look at a few of them.


Animaker is a cloud-based video marketing tool. You can browse thousands of video templates and stock photos on the Animaker website for help with creating your whiteboard animated videos.

You’d create your video using a straightforward drag-and-drop builder. The tool makes it easy to compile and edit your creations.

However, Animaker isn’t fully customizable. This is a drawback of most online video whiteboard animation platforms.

With Animaker, you don’t have the benefit of a professional illustrator that knows how to use an advanced tool like Adobe Creative Cloud to make custom content. As a result, it’s difficult to create content that stands out from competitors who use the same tools.(Opens in a new browser tab)


Doodly is another online whiteboard animation video tool. You can use it to make whiteboard animation videos quickly.

Where Doodly stands out is the ability to change the background. You can choose various backgrounds, including:

• Chalkboard

• Glass board

• Green screen

You can use these backgrounds to spice up your whiteboard animation video. It will provide a nice change to the animation video templates you’d typically find online.

Also, you can use Doodly to import static images, and it will animate them for your video. This platform makes it slightly easier to add a wow factor to your explainer videos compared to other standard whiteboard animation video tools.

woman working in animation studio with animation software


With Videoscribe, you can manage your entire whiteboard animation video project, from concept to storyboard. Like other online video creation tools, it also uses a drag-and-drop editor.

Videoscribe offers a handful of business, seasonal, educational, and other types of templates. You can also access more than 8,000 images in the Videoscribe library.

It’s also important to understand that you must pay a licensing fee to use online whiteboard animation video creators. You’re also entirely responsible for creating your final product. These tools are entirely self-service.

DIY Whiteboard Animation: Creating Whiteboard Animated Videos Is It Right for You?

If you’ve never created a whiteboard animation, you must understand it takes time to learn how to get it right. If you want truly expert results, it can take you months or even years to master whiteboard animation software.

You must also consider the overall animation cost. As you learn, you could miss out on considerable opportunities to grow your business.

Creating whiteboard animated videos doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It can prove frustrating to invest your time into a project and end up with unprofessional results.

A low-quality whiteboard animation video will do a poor job of driving engagement. It also won’t do so well at helping your brand to build trust with your audience. Ultimately, unless you’re already skilled in creating these kinds of visuals, DIY whiteboard animation video creation can end up being a big waste of time.

When you use pre-made templates, you compromise creativity. What’s worse, your vision could get lost entirely. Many brands choose to work with a whiteboard animation video production company for these reasons.

Working With a Great Video Production Agency

If you want to find a great production company for help creating whiteboard animated videos, start online. There, you can review agency portfolios.

Online portfolios will give you an idea of the type of work a company can deliver. They’ll help you figure out if a company can create a project that aligns with your vision.

It’s also important to work with an agency that can provide you with creative treatment. This kind of firm can offer conceptual ideas and suggestions that will help your project succeed. Working with an experienced video production agency is a cost-effective option for creating your whiteboard animation video in-house or on your own.

Let’s Make Awesome Marketing Content

Now, you know more about creating whiteboard animated videos. If you want help creating a professional whiteboard animation video presentation, Telideo Productions is at your service. We can help you simplify your complex brand ideas with animated videos.

We’re a trusted and experienced Denver video marketing and production company. We can help you create the perfect animated explainer video for your brand or business.

Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about taking your next video marketing campaign to the next level.