Why Reviews Matter When Hiring a Video Company

Most companies don’t have the luxury of having an in-house video production team, but every company should consider using video as a marketing communications tactic and develop a baseline video strategy. The fact that more and more content is being consumed via video isn’t new news to most marketers. In fact, by 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

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If your marketing team hasn’t already added a video to its marketing mix, it’s definitely time for them to consider catching up. Luckily, it’s easy to catch up when you’ve got a strong video production company on your side to help out. When choosing a video company or animation studio, you should consider several pieces of the puzzle: the company’s portfolio, video production process, pricing, expertise in video marketing, and most importantly, feedback from previous and existing clients.

While most of the pieces of the puzzle can easily be put together by a simple visit to a video company’s website or a quick phone call, it’s getting honest and validated feedback from previous clients that can be tricky.  Reading reviews on sites like Google can be extremely helpful and are a great way of narrowing down your search.  But oftentimes these types of reviews are unstructured and focus mostly on the success of the end product or final result and not the entire scope of the project or the complete experience from start to finish.

Fortunately, thanks to the explosive demand for video content, Clutch, a ratings, and reviews firm based in Washington DC, now allows video production companies to showcase their stellar client relationships with in-depth and human validated client reviews, giving marketers and business owners the ability to get an idea of what it’s really like to work with the different video companies on their shortlist. Clutch has conducted and collected reviews for more than 5,000 service providers in the creative services industry, including our company, Telideo Productions.

In addition to reading reviews and really trying to get an understanding of what it’s like to work with a particular company, it’s best to try and have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve.  Here are a few other questions you should ask yourself before engaging different video production companies and animation studios.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

  • What is my timeline?
  • What is my budget?
  • How do I plan on using the video?
  • Who is my ideal viewer?
  • Will my video require actors?
  • Where should we film the video?
  • How will I measure my videos ROI?

With answers to questions like these and access to validated review resources like Clutch, and its sister site The Manifest, navigating the buyer journey process and making the right decision as to which video production company to partner with and invest in has never been easier.

About the Author

Peter Horton is the Founder and CEO of Telideo Productions, a Denver-based video production and animation company with deep marketing, communication, and go-to-market experience.