Corporate Marketing Video Examples

Corporate Video Examples

Whether you’re trying to introduce your company or services online, train partners and sales people, or get prospects excited about your brand, video has proven to be one of the most effective ways for businesses to visually communicate their value and business propositions. Below are some corporate video examples of different types of corporate videos that are a result of our video marketing expertise and the video production services we offer Denver businesses and businesses outside of Colorado. In addition to corporate videos, Telideo also specializes in producing testimonial videos and product marketing videos

Company and Brand Introduction Videos

Video is the perfect communication medium to introduce your company or brand to new prospects online. With the simple click of a button you can offer your site visitors or targeted prospects the ability to experience your company or brand first-hand in ways that used to require in-person interaction. With the right corporate video, you can begin the trust building process with prospects before they’ve even met you. 

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Sales and Technical Training Videos

Training new associates and channel partners can be a costly, timely and complex challenge for companies and organizations with distributed operations and customer bases, especially those with global footprints.  With sales and technical training videos, you can instantly train new hires and partners on systems, products, policies, promotions and more. 

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Animated Corporate Explainer Videos

If the value that your brand delivers is difficult to visually conceptualize within the physical world or is a 100% virtual solution, think back-end cloud-based systems, then conveying your message can be a challenging endeavor. Fortunately with video, specifically animated video, the sky's the limit.  With animation anything can be conveyed visually in a way that is easily absorbed by the intended viewer.

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Brand Positioning and Inspiration Videos

Just like consumer brands, B2B brands also have the ability to generate purpose and elicit emotional conviction amongst end-users. Brand positioning and inspirational videos are an excellent way of communicating a company’s vision or technology offering at the highest level reinforced with high-impact visual and audio messaging.

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Personal Introduction and Communication Videos

If the service you provide your customers demands a high-level of personal trust built through direct interaction, then a personal introduction video can be one of the most effective ways to accelerate the trust building process with prospects who’ve never actually met you. With a personal introduction video, you’ll create an immediate impact on your viewers, allowing them to truly experience who you are. 

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Corporate Talking Head Videos

Talking head videos are an excellent way to deliver short and concise messages while engaging users in a pseudo one-to-one type engagement. Whether you’re trying to put a face to your brand or introduce your latest innovation or development, these types of videos can be highly effective with a well-crafted message intended for a targeted prospect. 

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Event or Demo Center Promotional Videos

Sometimes seeing it doesn’t always translate to believing it, especially when you’re talking about photographs. If your objective is to sell a space or increase the traffic to your showroom or technology center, then a picture and some descriptive text can only go so far unless you’re the hottest brand on the market and easily accessible. With a video you can give prospects the ability to truly visualize your space from the comfort of their computer, putting you at the top of their list if you have what they’re looking for.

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