Explaining Your Business With Animation

We're willing to bet you've watched an animated explainer video before and there’s a good reason for it.  Because a well-produced animated explainer video is simplistic in nature, making the content easy to digest for viewers and therefore extremely effective at achieving prospect messaging information retention.  This holds especially true when tying to introduce highly complex technologies to non-technical people. With animation almost anything can be conveyed in a way that can be understood by both technical and non-technical people.


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Types of Animated Videos We Produce

Whether you're trying to explain a complex technology or provide an overview of how your technical solution works, animated explainer videos have proven to be an extremely effective communication tool. When it comes to simplifying the complex, the production team at our Denver video company can work with you to produce the perfect animated explainer video. 

Best Practices for Animated Video Production

The benefits of video are proven and we encourage all businesses to experience the power of using animated video content, however, when it comes to creating your video, there’s some key things you need to keep in mind before investing in video production services and posting your final masterpiece online.

  1. Know Your Audience – Like all marketing tactics, animated video performs best when you identify a specific audience and tailor your video content to that audience. It's also best to identify your lead generation and brand awareness goals first, and then think about how animated video can best help you achieve those goals.

  2. Preparation Is Critical – The key to creating a good animated explainer video is having a well-developed script that’s tailored to your target viewer. What’s equally important is the overall duration of your animated video. It’s best to keep things simple which is why we try and keep our animated videos to less than a minute and half

  3. Hire Professionals – If you’re going to invest the time and resources in to having an animated explainer video produced it’s best to hire professionals to assist you with developing the script as well as narrating it. The goal with animated explainer videos is to create a high-level understanding which sometimes requires an outside perspective.