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The experience of our team of Denver video marketing experts is broad and deep. At Telideo, we are passionate about two things, helping our customers achieve their video marketing goals, and creating beautiful and engaging video assets to help them achieve those video marketing goals. We have decades of film production and real-world corporate marketing experience, and truly believe that video marketing is the future of content marketing. Our video production services are focused primarily on producing business and marketing oriented videos because marketing is our area of expertise and these are the types of videos that provide the most value for our clients. We are located in Denver, Colorado and have customers all over the United States including Washington, California, Texas and Tennessee. 


Why Real Marketing Experience Matters 

Whether you are bringing a new product to market, educating end-users and partners, or capturing testimonials from your most loyal customers, real experience matters. We’re not just talking about the technical and creative skills needed to capture, produce and perfect the content. We’re talking about the experience it takes to ensure your brand is positioned and represented properly on camera, and to make sure your video achieves its intended purpose.  At Telideo our leadership has that experience and we know what it takes to actually bring a new product to market or enable a sales channel, and the accountability that accompanies it. When you work with Telideo you’re not just hiring a Denver video production company, you’re hiring a strategic business partner committed to helping you create amazing video content to achieve your video marketing and communication goals. We encourage you to learn about the benefits of video marketing and to spend some time checking out the video marketing examples section of our website to see the how our customers are using video. 

Types of videos we specialize in and produce.

Telideo specializes in creating and producing the following types of business oriented videos. Let us put our expertise to work for your brand. Click the pictures to expand each section. 

Product Video Expertise
Product Videos
Testimonial Video Expertise
Corporate Video Expertise
Product Video Expertise
Product Videos
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Visualizing The Value Proposition

When it comes to promoting products and services via the Internet, or delivering online product trainings to channel partners and remote employees, video has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deliver your value proposition or brand differentiator just shy of an in-person direct engagement.    

Whether you’re bringing a new product or service to market and trying to create general awareness or delivering a highly targeted message to an existing set of prospects already in your sales funnel, by investing in a product marketing video you can truly maximize the effectiveness of your overall go-to-market strategy and generate even more return on your digital marketing investments.  


Types of Product Videos We Produce 

Regardless of what it is you’re trying to accomplish, when it comes to producing product related content we’ve got you covered.   Telideo can produce just about anything, but these are the most common types of product marketing video projects we deliver. 


  • New Product Introductions 
  • Product & Brand Inspiration 
  • Animated Explainer 
  • Customer Experience Tours 
  • Tradeshow Booth Motion Graphics 
  • Technical Tips & Tricks 
  • And More…

Testimonial Video Expertise
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Taking Customer Success Stories to The Next Level

If a customer success or product application story is considered gold, then a testimonial video is considered platinum. In fact, a live-action testimonial that puts real customers or partners in front of the camera demonstrating and communicating the value of a given product, company, or solution is the absolute most effective way to accelerate the trust building process with your potential end-users and channel partners online. 

We consider testimonial videos to be the most effective sales communication tools on the web today.  They help prospects establish a true frame of reference by visually seeing the real faces behind the people and companies that trust your brand while visually experiencing how your offering works and relates to their situation. In fact, it was producing testimonial videos that helped establish Telideo as a video production company, and we consider it to be our number one area of expertise.  


Types of Testimonial Videos We Produce 

Whether you’re trying to build trust, recruit talent, or expand your sales channels, when it comes to creating testimonial content, Telideo can produce the perfect video to help you achieve your video marketing goals.  

  • Customer & Partner Testimonials 
  • Vendor & Supplier Testimonials 
  • Employee & Contractor Testimonials 
  • Member Testimonials

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Corporate Video Expertise
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Humanizing Your Brand

Generating awareness, building end-user demand, and establishing business partner trust can be a challenging and slow moving process for today’s corporate marketer. The prospects you and every single one of your competitors wants to acquire are constantly being bombarded with unnecessary, noisy and irrelevant messages causing them to ignore the ones that could actually pose a true business case benefit.  

With video marketing, you can easily break through the noise, and engage your existing and prospective customers in a way that your competitors aren’t currently executing.  Whether it’s a company introduction, a triggered marketing automation response, or an animated explainer, Telideo is the right video production company to produce your corporate video. Let us put our video production and marketing expertise to work for your brand. 


Types of Corporate Videos We Produce 

Here are some of the most common types of corporate video projects we work on. 

  • Company and Business Overviews  
  • Brand Introductions and Brand Inspiration 
  • Agency, Firm and Individual Introductions 
  • Service Professional Introductions 
  • Sales and Technical Trainings 
  • And More…

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Top Five Reasons to Hire Telideo As Your Video Production and Video Marketing Partner

​If you’re located in Denver or have operations, customers and partners here and are taking the time to peruse our website, there’s a good chance that either you or someone on your team is seriously entertaining the idea of adding video content to the marketing mix. On a similar note, it probably also means that your company doesn’t have the internal resources, capabilities or time to produce the content in-house. Fortunately for you, you’ve come across our website and we can help.  Here are a few of the reasons why you should at least reach out to us for a free consultation

  1. Over 20 years of film production experience – We use the word film because our production experience actually dates back prior to the widespread adoption of digital video at the professional level. Our producers are formally educated in film production, have worked as both in-house and external producers, and have produced everything from on-air commercials, to extreme sport documentaries, to well you guessed it, corporate communication videos.  
  2. Over 15 years of client-side B2B marketing success – We know what it’s like to work in a corporate environment and what it takes to deliver on time. We have tried and true practical expertise in bringing new products and services to market and our marketing experience ranges from leading start-ups from the ground up to completely overhauling existing strategies for established enterprises.   
  3. Professional cameras and equipment – In the world of visual communication quality matters. High-quality content can add perceived value to your brand image just as easily as low-quality content can reduce its value in a prospect's mind. We assure our clients that the product they receive will be of the highest quality possible because we’ve invested not only in the best equipment available, but also the talent required to operate that equipment.  
  4. Full-service video marketing capabilities – We’re not the type of production company that just shows up, shoots and leaves, or hands you your video when were done and says good luck.  We like to provide our clients with value throughout the entire video production process. We’ll not only help you come up with effective ideas and turn them into viewable content, we’ll help you take that viewable content and maximize it in every which way possible with a video marketing plan.     
  5. Fun and energetic team to work with – When you’re working with a capable and talented team you have confidence in, it tends to make your job easier and less stressful, which is a good thing. At the same time, it makes it even easier if you actually enjoy being around the people you’re working with.  It’s not uncommon that you’ll find our producers and clients laughing on set, complimenting each other on new ideas, or genuinely enjoying each other’s company.  

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the services we provide and the added-value we can deliver, we encourage you to reach out to us and take the first step towards turning your video ideas into valuable video assets.

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