Testimonial Video Examples

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Testimonials or end-user case studies are some of the most powerful sales tools a salesperson or marketer can arm themselves with because they illustrate a real-world benefit scenario for a prospective customer, partner or member.  With video, you can take it to the next level by truly allowing your target the ability to see your product or service in action by the real people that trust your brand.  Below are some testimonial video examples of the different types of testimonial videos we've produced. Regardless of what type of video you decide to have produced, our Denver video production company has the video production services and video marketing expertise to deliver the video you need to achieve your video marketing goals. 

End-User Testimonial Videos

Regardless of what product you are selling or service you are providing, your potential end-users will most-likely seek out some type of validation of your offering before they invest in your product or service.  The best type of validation you can offer is a reference from an existing overly satisfied end-user, often referred to as a “brand champion”. With a video testimonial you’ll be able to let your best end-users visually share their success stories directly with the prospects that visit your website seeking validation. 

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Business Partner Testimonial Videos

Recruiting channel partners and resellers can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you’re a newcomer in an established market with big budget players with recognizable brands. Just like your end-user advocates, your partner advocates are equally important to the future success of your company. The easiest way to illustrate the value of your business proposition and convince a prospective partner to invest in a business relationship with you, is to show them examples of successful partners who’ve already taken the risk and are realizing the rewards. 

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Member Testimonial Videos

Whether you’re trying to recruit new internal talent for your company or new members to join your organization or alliance, employee and member testimonials are an extremely effective way to generate interest from the people or organizations you’re trying to recruit. With a testimonial video you can give prospects a glimpse of what it’s really like to be associated with your organization or to work at your company, offering a greater sense of transparency and higher recruitment success rate. 

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Client Testimonial Videos

For professional services individuals such as lawyers, wealth-managers and business consultants, establishing trust with your prospective clients plays a critical role in whether or not they’re going to retain your services.  Like any for-profit business, referred business usually converts higher because a layer of trust already exists. With client testimonial videos you can accelerate the trust building process with your prospects who don’t have a direct referral by providing them with validation of your services directly from your best clients.

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Customer Testimonial Videos

Whether you know it or not, a satisfied customer is probably your best marketing tool when it comes to generating new business. As a result, organizations invest millions of dollars each year into “Customer Advocacy” programs to seek and capture customer referrals. As powerful as text based and star-rated customer testimonials are, video testimonials are even more powerful because they put real people behind the claims being made and often times visually illustrate those claims in a real-world scenario. 

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