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Animated Explainer Video Production

Don’t Just Be Heard, Be Understood

An explainer video is a video that explains your brand, product, or service in a simple way using animation and voice-over. The video typically covers a problem, the solution, how it works, and the benefits. A professional animated explainer video production company can help you produce an explainer video that works perfectly for your product or solution.

Not all concepts and how-tos can be readily explained by mere text. And no matter how feature-packed that new software of yours is, hardly anyone would subscribe to it if they don’t understand what it does or how it works. Telideo is an animated explainer video production company that helps simplify the complexities of your product or service. Resonating more with your target audience leads to more conversions.

Why Use an Animated Explainer Video

We can’t deny that modern customers are more influenced by videos. Most users would rather watch a YouTube explainer video than read a how-to article. That’s because visual content is generally more easily digestible than text-based content. To create more engagement for your instructional efforts, animated explainer videos become the most effective method if the subject is remotely technical.

As opposed to a video with real humans and instruments, an animated explainer video is more affordable and quicker to produce. No filming is required! With animation, anything is possible and anything is possible, making it much easier to explain things that are virtual such as software.

Animated Explainer Production

When To Consider An Explainer Video

You should always consider investing in an animated explainer production. It is best to have an animated explainer video produced when you need to:

  • Get users to download your new software by explaining the benefits and how it works in a simple, relatable way.
  • Generate brand and product value awareness using animated video.
  • Explain your new, unique product or service easily to all audiences.
  • Place welcome videos or safety tips on kiosks, in-room TVs, and large displays.

You can place your explainer video on your homepage, service page, newsletter, trade show, or any other online marketing channels you may have. It is usually best to use this type of video when targeting the top of your sales funnel (the consideration phase) since the viewer is considering a solution that works best for them.

This Ultimate Guide Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Explainer Video Production

To produce an engaging explainer video, you must be a good storyteller. You have the facts, but facts do not win hearts.

What Makes an Effective Animated Explainer Video?

Although videos are powerful, some explainer videos are still too complex and boring. An effective animated explainer video is one that uses storytelling to simplify technicalities and engage the viewer emotionally so that they become ready to take action immediately after the video ends.

To produce an engaging explainer video, you must be a good storyteller. You have the facts, but facts do not win hearts. Stories do. If you’re not a good storyteller, a good Denver animation studio will be able to assist you in telling your story.

As an animated explainer video production company, we focus on creating effective explainer videos through engaging storytelling that drives sales and awareness. We use emotions and everyday concepts that are relatable to your target audience.

Below are some characteristics of a great explainer video:

  • Short and concise, preferably less than two minutes
  • Interesting, fun and conversational
  • Visually stimulating and appealing
  • A problem-solution approach
  • A focus on benefits rather than features
  • A creative blend of animation and narration
  • Ends with a specific call to action
Animted Explainer Production Software
Animated Explainer Production software

Telideo Makes Animated Explainer Production Easy!

Our creative animation process all starts with understanding you and your target audience. We will work with you to truly understand the brand, product, or service you’re trying to explain. We have decades of experience explaining very complex concepts, so we take out the guesswork and know the right information to gather from you. Then you can leave the rest to us.

Our animated explainer video production team brainstorms ideas to develop the right story, script, creative direction, and storyboard (visual representation) of how the final video will unfold. We pride ourselves on producing videos that connect with your audience on a personal and professional level.