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Denver Company Introduction Video Production

Introduce Your Business With a Denver Company Overview Video

Investing in a Denver company introduction video production in today’s digital world isn’t just important, it’s critical. These types of videos are the perfect communication medium to introduce your company or brand to new prospects online and in your local Denver market. With a company video and the simple click of a button, you can offer your website visitors or targeted prospects the ability to experience your company or brand first-hand. This type of corporate engagement used to require in-person interaction but not anymore with video marketing. With the right Denver video production company producing your company introduction video, you can begin the trust-building process with prospects before they’ve even met you or engaged with your brand. 

We recommend to our Denver business clients that they try and keep their company overview videos short and concise.  We recommend that company profile videos not exceed 3 minutes if possible.  At Telideo, we can easily film your company video in just a day or two.  The key to producing a great video for your company or brand is to be prepared before the shoot.  Understanding the video production process is one way to understand what you need to be prepared for during the production process. The team at Telideo is here to make sure you are well prepared when it comes time to capture your company introduction video. 

What To Include in Your Company Introduction Videos

When it comes to company overview video production, the best overview videos incorporate the following elements:

Highlight Your Products or Services

What you sell should be the focus of your company introduction video. Of course, it’s a company profile video, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also touch base about the people behind your brand. Your company video should be about the problem the company solves. That’s because your target audience wants to know what’s in it for them. After all, they’re not just watching your overview video for fun.

company introduction video production
Company Introduction Video Production Shoot

Make Sure Your Introduction Video is Positioned to Your Target Audience

Are you selling to consumers or businesses? Is your product or service designed for a specific gender or age demographic? Focusing your video on your target audience will result in higher quality lead generation. It’s important that your video resonates with your audience.

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Let People Know Where to Buy

Your company overview video should state where viewers can go to make a purchase. It could be in-store, on your website, or on a landing page. Assume your target audience knows nothing about your company other than what they might have read on your website. You will want to be as explicit as possible.

In Your Company Introduction Use Unique Value Propositions

The best company overview videos include a unique value proposition (UVP). A company overview video is only as strong as its UVP. What makes your company different from others in the industry? What can your target audience get from you that they can’t easily get elsewhere? Ensure you include a quick pitch on why someone should choose you over your competition.

Set Goals For Your Company Introduction Video

The key to setting the right goals for your company introduction video is to understand how to create a video marketing strategy. Your strategy should drive your goals.

  • The first step to making a company introduction video is identifying your goal. A traditional company profile video is appropriate if you want to raise brand awareness. But when looking to attract employees, a culture video might work best.
  • If you have different goals for your company overview video, create one video for each goal. That’s because the more information you try to cram into one video, the longer and less effective it would be.
  • Select your tone and maintain it throughout. The voice in your company overview video can be calm or dramatic, conversational or corporate, depending on your aim and target audience. It should also match the visuals.
  • Make sure to incorporate your brand style guide into the visuals so that the final company overview video production is on-brand.
Company Overview Video Production Denver
Company Overview Video Shoot in Denver

Where to Use Your Video Production When Completed

Company introduction videos have a long shelf life. In theory, if your brand mission does not change, the video can be used throughout your digital marketing channels (website, paid ads, social media) for as long as the company exists. You will want to make sure your company overview video isn’t dated visually, so we recommend updating your video every couple of years.  The story doesn’t have to change, but updated visuals will increase the shelf life of your video.

Telideo is a Denver video production company and our team is available to provide you with the best company overview video. We work with you to create footage that is creative, unforgettable, and compelling.