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Product Launch Video Production

Take Your Product Launch To The Next Level With Video

With new product launch video production, bringing a new product or technology to market is both exciting and challenging. With video communication, you can strengthen the effectiveness of your go-to-market goals by creating deeper engagements with the individuals that interact and respond to your marketing efforts.  Capture their attention immediately and increase the likelihood of their taking action and progressing further down your sales funnel. 

What is a Product Launch Video

A product launch video is a video that showcases how the product works. It should be a part of your overall go-to-market or new product launch plan.  A product video is the perfect tactic to grasp attention and boost customer interest, especially during your product launch. This doesn’t mean that you should ditch the boring press release, but more so leverage this era’s love for videos to take your brand awareness to whole new heights. Make everyone notice your product, like it, share it, and buy it instantly at the time of your launch.  

At our Denver video production company, Telideo, that’s exactly what we offer. Using advanced digital cinema cameras, your product, and strong background sound and visuals, we produce powerful product launch videos that get customers rushing down your sales funnel.

Why You Can’t Overlook a Launch Video

Your product won’t launch itself, nor will it make itself popular in a sea of other related products. Of course, advertisements and promotions are a huge part of your marketing success. But for people to notice your product and spend their hard-earned money on it without second thoughts, they need to see WHY IT’S AWESOME!

These days, people have gotten so savvy that they ignore traditional ads placed all over social media feeds. Videos, on the other hand, are their Achilles heel. Whereas they’ll scroll past texts and images, most people would be willing to watch a video to the end, especially when it displays a unique product and all the amazing things it can do.

Imagine watching a video of a newly released smartphone or a movie trailer. The excitement is far stronger than when you merely read it about. Get your target audience super excited through product launch video production.

New Product Launch Video Production Shoot in Denver, Colorado.

Types of New Product Launch Videos

Teaser/Promo Video

A teaser video taps into the audience’s hunger or perception of beauty and luxury. For example, happy friends drinking beer watching a football match gleefully, a chocolate commercial showing the yummy mix as the ingredients pour and blend sensationally, and a video showing how sleek that new Apple product is. You instantly want to reach for it and grab it. Teaser product videos are best used at the top of the sales funnel to tantalize and generate interest.

Live Action or Animated Explainer Video

Explainer product videos showcase the product features, explaining its benefits and the problem it solves. These videos are best effective halfway down the funnel for interested leads who wish to learn more about the product. It generally gives more in-depth information than a teaser. Explainer product video production is less about aesthetics and more about usability. At our Denver video company, we specialize in producing custom live-action and animated explainer videos.

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Product Demo Video

A product demonstration video highlights how a product works in detail. It doesn’t focus on persuading or alluring the audience; instead, it shows what you get after purchasing the product. It answers the question; how will I use this product to solve my problem after buying it? Although demo videos can work at the bottom of the funnel, they can also work at the top, especially for Software as a Service (SaaS) and complex technology products.

Now you know what to do, it’s time to choose a product launch video production company. Sadly, not all video production companies are created equal so be sure to choose the right video company. Our Denver video production company has the team, experience, and equipment required to create a product video that not only showcases the features of your product but also excites your audience to take action.

We tailor our product video production process based on your niche, needs, and our proven strategies. Rest assured that with your help, we’ll know what appeals to your target audience and are happy to use our experience to your advantage.