student testimonial video production

Student Testimonial Video Production

Recruit More Students Using Testimonial Videos

Telideo has years of experience creating video testimonials and is ready to assist with your student testimonial video production. Whether it’s for a school, university, or online course, we will work with you to produce a compelling testimonial. A valuable marketing tool that will make prospective students crave to be within your educational environment.

Video is one of the best tactics to use when it comes to recruiting new students to attend your educational institution. It even can even help attract participants in one of your organization’s unique programs. With a testimonial video, you’ll be able to easily generate more trust from your prospective students and program participants by providing them with real-life testimonials. This will help guide and influence them to attend your school or participate in your program. 

Why is Testimonial Video for Students Important?

Selecting the right school is a critical decision most parents have to make. That’s because the school system can shape a child’s social and intellectual development. One effective way to promote your educational institution as the best fit is to create testimonial videos for students.

Text-based testimonials can be beneficial for promoting your school, but videos will better convey the personal feelings and experiences of students. This has proven to be more effective at persuading potential students and their parents.

MRI studies have shown that people are more likely to make decisions based on emotions than on information, and videos can help convey the emotional impact of a student’s experience at your school.

If you provide educational services, then student testimonial video production is a marketing strategy you don’t want to pass up on.

What Should Be Included in a Student Testimonial?

  1. The student’s name and grade level.
  2. A brief overview of the student’s background and interests.
  3. The reasons why the student chose your school.
  4. A description of the student’s experience at your school, including specific examples of academic, extracurricular, and social activities.
  5. The student’s personal growth and achievements while at your school.
  6. The student’s overall satisfaction with your school and recommendation to others.
  7. A closing statement from the student, such as thanking your school or expressing excitement about their future at your school.
Student Testimonial Video Production
Student Testimonial Video Production Shoot in Denver, Colorado.

How Do You Prepare for Testimonial Video?

Here’s our six-step student testimonial video production process:

Step 1: Find Happy Students

The first step is to compile a list of students happy enough to share their positive experiences with your school.

Step 2: Prepare Interview Questions

The best questions induce the best answers. We will work with you to prepare the right questions that get your students talking about the best things about your institution or online course.

Step 3: Schedule With Your Guests

We will talk with the students, arrange a meeting that works with their schedule, and show them the questions so they can prepare with the right words.

Step 4: Shooting Your Student Testimonial

Our expert filmmakers will conduct the interview, and meet with the students to film using cinema-grade equipment, ensuring the students look and sound their best.

Step 5: Editing the Footage

Great editing makes a great testimonial video. We will compile the footage of each student into one 2-4 minute clip and edit using incredible visuals and background music to create a sensational effect.

Step 6: Share the Video

The final step for your testimonial video is up to you. Share it on social media, embed it on your website, or generate landing pages for email distribution.

How Does Video Production Work?

An expert from Telideo will be assigned to assist the guest with setting up their camera, lighting, and background for the best possible footage. The expert will also guide the discussion as appropriate.

With the increasing popularity of video content among consumers, creating great testimonial videos using student feedback can help your school reach a greater audience and stand out. Ready to shoot a student testimonial video for your school? Get in touch with the Telideo video production team.