How Video Strengthens Online Experiences (Improving Brand Perception With Video)

Since the creation of YouTube and the increase in video sharing platforms, online video has become a crucial part of our day to day online experience. With faster internet connections, you can’t escape a web video every time you go online. And this won’t change any time soon. In fact, video marketing is now the best way to effectively market your product or service.

Online ideo is one of the most powerful marketing tools because of the distinct way they engage your site visitors. Corporate videos can transform your website into an entertaining and interactive substitute, as compared to a standard content-based site. In fact, one-dimensional content-based websites are becoming outdated. After all, text requires action and energy on the part of the visitor.

Leveraging Search Engines through Online Video Advertising

How can your website benefit from having a video? Engaging the services of a video production company that creates top quality video and placing the well-produced/formatted video content (not just any video) on your site is a great way to boost your website’s relevancy. If you have a product to advertise, a professionally produced video will increase the relevance of the product.

When you boost your website’s relevancy, you give the search engines reason to rank your website higher in their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To go even further (and to increase your online presence) you can upload your video(s) on different social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for increased exposure.

Getting Online Video Content Quickly

If you’re trying to get good video content up and on your site, then look no further than your best-performing traditional marketing tools. Any previously written article, datasheet, or case study can be easily converted into a video. People enjoy watching videos as opposed to reading a text because it builds a stronger frame of reference.

If you don’t have in-house video production capabilities, then hiring a professional videographer can be a good option. Another option would be to outsource the entire project to a local video production company, saving time and giving you a chance to continue focusing on other aspects of your business.

Easy Video Marketing Tip

The reality is that low quality videos do exist, and to a certain extent are effective in conveying messages and information. However, more and more business organizations, whether large or small, are getting to know the power of video marketing and are making good use of it to promote their products and services. It’s important that the video you create reflects your brand in a positive light.

Use this tip – If your business enterprise or organization has an online presence, you can strengthen it through YouTube video sharing. YouTube is the second largest search engine and will allow people to search and view your video outside of your web domain.

We all love to be entertained, informed, and educated about different types of things. Online video can do this and also provide an insight into your company, product or service. A short one to two-minute creative video can have a significant benefit for your business. Imagine all the traffic you can get back to your website when people view your video. A well-planned web video strategy can drive potential customers to your site and boost sales, and at a bare minimum, enhance your brand awareness. As you start forming your online video strategy, keep production quality and value of content in mind and you will surely see results.

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Peter Horton, the author of this blog post, is a co-founder of Telideo Productions, a Denver video production company that specializes in corporate video production.