Quick Tips for Working with A Video Production Company (Protect Your Brand and Your Budget)

Video is quickly becoming the dominant force in content marketing, but unlike written communication or traditional graphic design, video requires a whole different set of creative talents. Today’s marketer is often tasked with objectives outside of their bailiwick and in most cases turns to outside experts to create their visions.  This is usually the case with video production because in addition to the talent required to produce the content, high-quality video production requires a significant amount of specialized equipment that most businesses don’t have in-house or don’t want to invest in.

Hiring and outsourcing the right video production company to produce your video can be somewhat of a challenging endeavor if you’re not familiar with everything that goes into producing a corporate video. Regardless of which production house you end up working with, we recommend that give serious consideration to the four video production tips below before you engage with a production company to produce your corporate video.

Define The Purpose of Your Video

Just like any other marketing tool you create, your video also needs a purpose.  Before you engage a production company it’s important to think about who your target viewer is, where they’ll be able to watch your video and what action you’d like them to take after watching it.

Is your goal to create brand awareness at the highest level, demonstrate a specific feature of your product or to get people to take an immediate action such as apply for job? Having a defined purpose will help you create the most effective video possible. Doing this will make the entire video production process much easier for both you and the video production company you hire to create your marketing video.

Set Video Production Expectations

Chances are you’ve already got some general ideas about the style of video you’d like to have produced. A good production company will usually have a defined production process where production details will be discussed, however, many times creative ideas and concepts can get lost in translation.

The easiest way to make sure you and the production company are on the same page is to provide them with video examples illustrating what you’d like to accomplish and the style of videography that you like most.  This can be both from a creative visual perspective as well as a strategic communication and messaging perspective.

Provide Direction For Your Story

Nobody knows your business better than you, especially the production company you hire to produce your video. At our Denver video production company we take the time to understand your business and its company culture, but at the end of the day our clients are the experts of their business so we encourage them provide as much direction and insight as possible. We recommend you do the same with whichever production company you end up hiring.

Depending on the type of video you end up deciding to produce, the easiest way to provide direction is to walk the videographers through your sales process or demonstrate your product so they can truly experience what you’re most likely going to ask them to capture when you start filming.

Create A Plan and Get Prepared

Just like planning a large corporate event, producing a corporate video can be a complex challenge with many moving parts and fine details that can’t be overlooked. To give you an idea of that complexity, it can take well over an hour to capture only 20 seconds of live action video.

Identifying who will be in your video and preparing them for the video are two completely different things. The best way to prepare the people that will speak in your video is to do dry runs a few days before the video crew shows up. Doing this will make your on-screen talent feel more comfortable in front of the camera, which leads to better footage and less post-production work.


A good video production company will help you prepare for your video, but the key to creating the best possible video content is to prepare yourself before you even contact outside help. Defining the purpose and direction of your video, creating a video plan and being able to provide video examples of how you want your video to look will help ensure that both you and the production company are on the same page, making the entire process easier for both you and them.

About the Author

Peter Horton is the Managing Director at Telideo Productions, a Denver video production company that specializes in video production services, video marketing strategy and video advertising services.