Denver Green Screen Video Production

Green Screen Video Production in Denver

When it comes to capturing video content using a green screen the video production team at Telideo has you covered. One of the biggest benefits of filming against a green screen is that you can put virtually any background behind the subjects that you're filming. For many businesses, finding a good filming location at their office can be challenging, especially if the office space is small or simply just doesn't look good on camera. 

Fortunately, you don't need a whole lot of space when you're filming against a green screen for most videos. In fact, one of the other big benefits of green screen is that it can be done just about anywhere so you don't have to go to a video production studio to shoot against one. The team at Telideo can easily set-up a perfectly lit and balanced green screen in well under an hour. 



Best Practices For Shooting Green Screen

When it comes to shooting subjects or filming against a green screen there are key items that must be taken into consideration if you want to deliver exceptional looking content. If you're looking for a video production company in Denver to film green screen content for your business we recommend you think about these five key items and inquire about them with the video companies you contact.


  1. Green Screen - Before you begin filming you'll want to make sure that your green screen is as smooth as it can be.  If the green screen has winkles or overlaps in areas you'll be sure to pick up unwanted shadows and you might even discover distorted image quality when you're reviewing your footage in post-production.  We recommend that you bring a steam or flat iron just in case you need to smooth out any parts of the green screen you'll be using.
  2. Lighting - This is probably the most important thing to take into consideration when shooting against a green screen.  You'll want to make sure that the light is evenly distributed throughout the entire screen.  You'll also want to make sure that you can create a good amount of space between your subject and the green screen to avoid producing shadows. Lastly, you'll also want to try and avoid light flares so be sure to block out any unwanted light that may affect your shot. 
  3. Camera - You'll want to make sure that whoever is filming your video is using the right camera settings for shooting green screen. This will help eliminate motion blur and create the right depth of field which can help blur and make your green screen appear smoother. Lastly, try to avoid ISOs and always make sure the camera you're using is set to the best recoding format option.
  4. Background - Of course the background you'll be filming against is green, but what we're talking about is the background that will be applied once the green is removed. It's extremely important to take this into consideration before filming because it will help make sure that your subject is framed correctly to work with the image or video background you want to use. Often times people don't think about this until after they've filmed, making it difficult to find the perfect background. 
  5. Clothing - When it comes to filming, making sure that you're subjects look their best in front of the camera is a no brainer. But when it comes to shooting green screen video you'll need to make absolutely sure that your subjects aren't wearing any green clothing.  Even if you're wearing a white shirt but the buttons are green, you're going to want to find a different shirt. 


Free Green Screen Video Production Estimates

If you're looking for green screen video production in Denver then give us a call at 720-245-8277 for a production estimate. The video team at our video production company has extensive experience in shooting green screen corporate videos. If you don't have time for a call right now just complete the form below and someone will reach out to you at a time that works well for you.